Wanted: Dialogue on Training and Education

Children Webmag is working towards presenting training materials and other items which might be useful for tutors or students. However, Webmag readers do not just come from the UK but also from a variety of other countries and we are very aware of the differences in training, child care and education systems outside of the UK.

In order to ensure that the training materials, resources and advice are acceptable to a number of our readers we would like to have a discourse on an international basis with colleagues who can explain their systems and academic level of training, qualifications, certification procedures and post-training progression routes.

We thought that it might be useful if we do this by people sending articles about training for people working with children and young people in their countries and the type and level of resources which would be useful. We are starting in this issue by describing the training and qualifications and routes to these that are available in the UK for early childhood workers.

We hope that you will register your interest by writing similar articles about your own country and submitting these so that they can be posted on the Webmag site. E-mail articles to: [email protected] .

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