From the Planned Environment Therapy Archive at MB3

The First of a Regular Feature From The Planned Environment Therapy Archive at MB3

We hope you enjoy our first contribution to the Journal. The Library and archive from which this article is taken is situated in the Mulberry Bush Third Space (MB3). MB3 is located in the village of Toddington, Gloucestershire, (formerly the Barns Archive and Study Centre) incorporating the Planned Environment Therapy Archive and the National Childcare Library.

This article is taken from the David Anderson Collection. This is a special collection donated to the PET library by David Anderson which is a series of articles relating to the life and work of Maxwell Jones. The archive does not hold the Dingleton Records, they are in an archive in Scotland.

You can also download a copy of the article in a PDF format so that you can read about Dingleton Hospital’s Therapeutic Community.

For further information about MB3 or the Archive and Library please contact Marya Hemmings at [email protected], 01242 621200, 07493 628854, or visit our web page and like us on Facebook and Instagram.

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