International Centre News 1 June 2021

In this edition of the TCJ we bring you papers from our TCJ ‘Covid World Cafe’ event, which was due to take place on May 7th. These papers represent the growing global reach of the TCJ, and our mission to share ideas about therapeutic care, reflective practice and research of children and young people from across the planet.

We start with two excellent papers from India. The first is ‘Alternative Care in the Times of Covid in India; Udayan Care’s Response’ By Kiran Modi, Gurneet Kalra and Lena Prasad of Udayan Care.

This paper aims to assess the impact and associated potential risk factors of children living in alternative care with a particular focus on the Indian scenario. By taking into account the past, present, and future potential challenges, this paper postulates the way forward during such times of uncertainty and emergency’. The paper also gives valuable insight into the range of integrated therapeutic environments and psychological therapies offered by Udayan Care to deprived and vulnerable children, young people and care leavers.

Our second paper from India is ‘The Pandemic in India; A Therapeutic Awakening’ By Manab Bose of the Sukrut India Psychotherapy Service and the Parikrma Humanity Foundation (PHF), both based in Bangalore. Manab writes: ‘To minimize the stress Sukrut, along with PHF, reached out to the students and their families. Sukrut – PHF maintained social distancing in the field and distributed essential groceries and necessities to the families, along with therapy and emotional support to those in need. Sukrut also extended therapy and livelihood support to teachers and staff from other fee-charging schools which insensitively cut salaries, forcing single-income families to seek help…..When schools all over India began to shut as soon as lockdown was announced from 24 March 2020, Sukrut joined hands with PHF to launch online classes from 22 May 2020’.

From Brazil, Patrick Reason presents ‘My Life on the Outside’ an evaluation by the Research Team of the ‘Brazilian Movement for the Right of Children to Live in Family and Community’ ( MNPCFC). The report offers the perspectives from young care leavers on their care experience, and represents their participation in the evaluation of the Brazilian National Plan for the Right of Children to Live in Family and Community.

At the beginning of 2018 The MNPCFC in partnership with the international organisation SOS Children’s Villages Brazil, launched a campaign ‘The Right to Live in Family and Community: A National Priority’ . The research team was chosen from members of NGO’s, including Patrick Reason who is National Secretary of MNPCFC. Patrick writes: ‘This research is undoubtedly a very significant step forward and the first of its kind as a national undertaking in Brazil…. Our expectation is that we can contribute to the advancing of young care leavers in their transition to adult life, learning to promote services more consistent with these young people’s needs and choices, and as such we are honoured to present this study’

We hope you are continuing to stay safe and well during these difficult times, and please do keep sending your papers for future editions of the TCJ.

Questionnaire to gather your thoughts on the TCJ and the ICTC

The Therapeutic Care Journal (TCJ) has just celebrated its 6th year of publication as part of The Mulberry Bush International Centre for Therapeutic Care (ICTC), and so we thought that this was a perfect opportunity to ask you for your thoughts and opinions about the journal and how you would like to see it, and the International Centre, develop over the next five years.

Share your thoughts here

Upcoming Events

An Evening with The Mulberry Bush

Monday 14 June

Online via Zoom

Please join us on the 14th of June to hear an update on The Mulberry Bush charity. We will be celebrating the achievements of the past year (in spite of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic) and you will be able to hear first-hand from charity leaders, ex-pupils and others about how we’ve dealt with the challenges and still managed to grow our services, reaching even more children and those around them.

We will also be sharing future vision and plans for The Mulberry Bush and there will be a short Q & A session at the end.

Find out more and register here.

Stories from the Planned Environment Therapy Archives: Radicals, Activists and Anti – psychiatrists!

Tuesday 15 June
Online via Zoom

Join our team as they delve into the Archives to share their favourite stories, characters and events from our unique and nationally important collections.

Archivist Debra Doggett will share her presentation on the exciting discovery of a letter from Dr Martin Luther King and there will be the chance to reflect on your personal connection to the development and history of therapeutic communities in a reflective space facilitated by MB3’s Marya Hemmings as well as the opportunity to discuss the archive materials seen.

Find out more and book your ticket here.

Working with Dangerous Behaviours – Managing Fear and Containing Behaviour
An Online Seminar from The Mulberry  Bush and Orb8

Friday 18 June
Online via Zoom

Join us for the next in our series of online seminars where we’re looking forward to welcoming our speakers Marya Hemmings (MB3) who will share her presentation ‘Understanding Psychopathic Behaviour Traits; Carolyn Mears (Trauma Consultant) who will present ‘Working Towards Recovery After Major Traumatic Events’, and Joanna Foster (Fabtic) who will explore ‘Children Who Set Fires: Attention Seeking or Attachment Needing’.

Find out more and book your place here.

Perspectives on Behaviour
An Online Seminar from The Mulberry Bush Third Space and THE IRCT Looking at Recovery from Theoretical Perspectives

Tuesday 6 July
Online via Zoom
The speakers joining us for this online event are Sylvia Duncan (chair of IRCT) who will share her presentation “A Roadmap to Recovery: A Developmental Perspective”, Yvon Guest who will present “Beyond Just Surviving”, and Roland Woodward who will share his presentation “Recovery Environments; The place, the People, the Rationale”.

This event will link in with a planned live conference taking place on 12th November 2021 (TBC) when we will be looking at the practical application of the theoretical ideas in different environmental contexts .

Find out more and book your place here.

SUKRUT in association with IIM Udaipur Announces its On-line event


A Group Relations Conference  on the now familiar theme “Exploring Leadership, the exercise of Authority, and Management of Self in Organization (ELAMSO)” from Monday: 16 August 2021 to Thursday: 26 August 2021

Download further details here.

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