International Centre News February 2019

The TCJ continues to share members ‘lived experiences’ of the achievements, dilemmas and struggles to meet the needs of emotionally troubled and traumatised children and young people. Many of the papers in this edition reflect on what it means to be genuinely ‘alongside and attuned’ to those in our care.

This edition opens with an assignment written for the Mulberry Bush foundation degree by Therapeutic Care Practitioner Emily Harris. Emily explores ‘the use of play in the development of children’, and offers an optimistic outlook from a vast range of references on the therapeutic importance of play. Social Care consultant John Burton continues with this theme in his working note ‘Being with and tuning in’ a brief but focused piece that highlights the importance of attunement and togetherness as central to therapeutic relationships.

Dr Jane Herd is CEO of Orb8, a consultancy who work with providers of services for traumatised children and young people. She describes the detailed 18 key elements of the ‘Orb8 model of therapeutic caring’ this is underpinned by a psycho-social theory base, and she reminds us ‘this is never, ever, quick work’. Dr Neil Thompson looks at a range of models of learning relevant to those in the child care sector and comments ‘Unless we take ownership of our own learning and appreciate the significance of self- directed learning we run the risk of disempowering ourselves’.

Dr Keith White opens with the first of his regular two pieces on an exploration of issues based around the book ‘A general theory of love’ by Lewis, F. Amini, R. and Cannon, A. (New York Random House, 2001), and concludes that there is a valid and essential place for love in therapeutic relationships. His final piece ‘Making a difference when attachment is insecure’ will resonate with readers as he shares detailed observations of the importance of offering traumatised children good experiences through activity, and celebrating their achievements.

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