Social Pedagogy: An Invitation / Pocket Book

Social pedagogy
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A great resource on social pedagogy. Reviewers say it’s ‘an excellent introduction to social pedagogy thinking and practice’… ‘A must-have for anyone looking to develop their knowledge and practice around social pedagogy’.

Social pedagogy is a body of theory as well as a practical, creative and value-based approach. It is a way of thinking and being and offers methods that populate that way of being. It encompasses values that emphasise positive regard and the potential of very human being.

“This is an excellent book for anyone interested in Social Pedagogy or who knows nothing about and wishes to take the first steps in understanding what it has to offer. It is very clear in its presentation of the underlying principles of this approach to social care and education. I have given it to a variety of professionals, including inspectors, child psychologists and social workers as well as students working in this field and all have agreed that it has given them an invaluable insight into what Social Pedagogy is all about.”

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