The Meaning of Prospect… A poem by a member at the Cambrian group 

1.the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring,

The way they all keep my sadness from incurring

How all the team work as one,

But as well as work they still have time for fun.

When I feel sad and the mood turns low,

These individuals radiate a caring glow.

A glorious light that seeps in and out my pores,

As does the light from the campfires and smores


2.a person regarded as likely to succeed or has a potential,

My carer’s and this place is more than just a residential.

It’s a family, a unit, one and together,

Something that in memory will live on forever.

I don’t want to leave my home or these lovely people but I suppose I have to share,

I just want every young person who lives at prospect to know they are in the best of care. extensive view of landscape,

A beautiful sight, a wonderful shape.

Most of my days were so very blue,

Now those times are so very few.

Time has flown by, what a joyous ride it has been,

And I’m proud to say I am the first to stay past eighteen.

It breaks my heart that I cannot stay for much longer,

However this place and my time here has made me so much stronger.

Thankyou for the happiest years of my life.

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