A Carer

I care about hope, respect and meaning
Not labels that define, confine then consign

I care about trust – the real foundation of your work
Not suspicion that clouds our thoughts and breeds paranoia
Nor fear that limits our imagination and destroys our dreams

I care about power and how it’s used
The power of understanding, believing and being with
Not the power of ignoring, excluding and controlling
“The needle and the damage done” – they say it feels like rape

I care about the good ones – they know who they are
The ones who’ve been there – in terror – in despair
The ones who’ve walked the long hard road
And still go back sometimes
The ones who listen and learn and show they care
The ones who dare to stop and think
Is this good enough for my mum, my son?
The ones who know it could be me, it could be mine
This week, this year, any time
How to keep them there – to shine a light for all?

So if you care about these things
Are you not a carer too?

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