Eight Ways to Bond with your Baby

  1. One of the ways to keep your baby’s skin supple and healthy, is to include a few minutes of baby massage in your daily routine – just use a gentle baby oil. Not only is it great for mum and baby bonding, but it can also stop her crying and help her sleep.
  2. Cuddle your baby as much as you can – not that you’ll need any encouragement! Touch is essential for your baby, as it stimulates growth hormones and keeps her happy, calm, and confident.
  3. Skin to skin care is an ideal way to spend some precious time bonding with baby. Laying your baby on your bare chest will not only be an enjoyable experience for both of you – it also regulates her temperature and heart rate.
  4. At bathtime, let your baby splash about and play in the water, as it will help her experience the touch of water and stimulate her senses. Wrap her in an extra soft robe afterwards for a cosy contrast to the feel of water against her skin, and it’s also another excuse for a skin to skin cuddle.
  5. Getting baby settled into a daily bedtime routine will relax her and let her know it’s the start of the wind-down period. Snuggling up on the bed and reading her a story is a great way to bond, and the soothing and familiar sound of your voice will help her drift away contented.
  6. Kissing your baby will provide a strong sensory memory for her – so don’t stop!
  7. Although she won’t understand what’s being said, singing to your baby will be great fun for the both of you. Make it more interactive by clapping or tickling her on certain words.
  8. Give your baby some nappy-free time, and play with her on the changing mat. Blowing bubbles on her tummy and tickling her feet will give both of you a bit of a giggle – and get the endorphins flowing!

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