goodenoughcaring Issue 15

The 15th issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal was published in June. Edited by Charles Sharpe, this is a journal which we recommend. Charles writes:
Given the interest in the general affairs of Scotland this year, we are serving up a Scottish flavoured goodenoughcaring journal. Though showing distinct signs of have taken in on its travels Arbroath Smokies, Cullen Skink, Forfar Bridies, Stovies, Dundee Cake, Deep-fried Mars Bars and Irn Bru, Issue 15 of the goodenoughcaring journal contains dishes garnered from the other region of interest in this issue: residential child care.
You will find in this feast articles dealing with childhood in Scotland from the 8th century to the 21st century, others considering matters specific to residential child care, and still others about residential care and Scotland . We hope this menu has something which you will savour.
The authors providing the fare are Kevin Ball, John Burnside, Cynthia Cross, David Divine, Ni Holmes, Noel Howard, Alan Macquarrie, Jeremy Millar, A.S.Neill, Charles Sharpe, Mark Smith, Laura Steckley, John Stein, R.L.Stevenson, Calum Strathie, and Adrian Ward.
We hope that after taking in the Journal you will be feel encouraged to write an article for our next issue in December. The Journal can be found at

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