Introducing Love

Christian Child Care Forum - CCCFIntroducing Love

This month we have a Special Issue on a single theme – as well as quite a number of articles not on the special theme.

The theme is Love, a word which has been virtually taboo in child care circles over the last couple of decades. But times are changing, and the Christian Child Care Forum decided to be bold and spend their annual day seminar focusing upon what love means in various child care settings.

Readers will appreciate that these texts were prepared as conference papers, and they sometimes read as if they should be spoken. There is an introduction by the chair of the CCCF, Baroness Howarth of Breckland. There is a major article by Dr Keith White explaining the background to his book, The Growth of Love, which was published that day. There are papers from a number of practice perspectives, and there is a review of Keith’s book by Jo-Joy Wright.

And there is our Editorial on the same theme.


If other organisations are interested in contributing papers to form a Special Issue, please email the Editor. It’s a good way to preserve the papers for posterity and share them with a world-wide readership through Google and other search engines over the coming years.

The CCCF, which provided the material for this Special Issue, is obviously a Christian organisation. The Webmag does not adhere to any religion or political party, but welcomes contributions on matters concerning children and young people from all sources, including religious and political organisations, as long as they are consistent with the professional standards which Children Webmag promotes.

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