Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure and privilege to inform you that Children Webmag is being transferred into new and very capable hands: the National Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care, located within the Mulberry Bush School.

Having been associated with the Webmag from its very early days (March 2000) as a columnist, and then as Chair of the Board, I am delighted that this pioneering, professional and committed journal is destined to be strengthened and enhanced in this new chapter of its story.

Although I will be remaining as a member of the Board for the time being (along with Mike Jones, the Treasurer), it seemed fitting in this issue to pay tribute to David Lane, the inspirer, architect, distinguished editor and tireless contributor to the journal, for all that he had done, seen and unseen. It has been a joy and an honour to serve alongside him in the whole venture.

Thanks too, to the members of the Board from the early days up to and including those who served until May 2015 (Valerie Jackson, Maureen O’Hagan and Gill Wilton). This has been a charitable organisation run by volunteers, and it has been encouraging as well as inspiring to be part of such a committed team.

Jeremy Curtis and his son Josh have given generously of their time and considerable expertise in facilitating the technical side of the Webmag, and we owe them more than we can say, because most of the rest of us could never understand some of the intricacies of the demands of such a changing form of electronic communication.

If you look under the Archives you will see some of the names of those who have contributed to the Webmag. Perhaps David Lane will be able to provide us with a full list one day, but it is a formidable and impressive cast. I am so pleased that the archives (that is every article) will be preserved for posterity.

Then thanks to those who have supported the venture financially, with particular reference to CELCIS in Scotland. My hope is not only that they have been satisfied with the result of their faith in the Webmag, but also pleased that it is now serving a wider purpose as part of the National Centre.

Finally to John Diamond, as the new Chair of the Board, and his colleagues at Mulberry Bush School: thank you for the way you have conducted the conversation with us from the time we first approached you about the future of the Webmag. We know and respect you and your work, and trust that the Webmag will enhance what you are seeking to do, however modest its contribution may be.

Keith J. White
Former Chair, Children Webmag Board of Trustees

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