Racial Equality : Information for Early Years Workers

This list includes resources that will be of help to early years workers, including books, articles, legislation, other publications and resources such as videos and DVDs. It should be noted that some of these resources may include particular aspects that are not helpful in addressing racism or do not have a strategic approach to tackling racism.

The list has been put together by Jane Lane, a leading expert in this field, and we are indebted to her for putting together such a thorough information resource.


Advocate worker for racial equality in the early years

Email : [email protected]

1) Publications

  1. Books/pamphlets

Alderson, P (2000) Young Children’s Rights – Exploring Beliefs, Principles and Practice Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Allum, L., Lowe, B. and Robinson. L. (2008) How do we know it’s working? A toolkit for measuring attitudinal change in global citizenship from early years to KS5. Reading International Solidarity Centre

Anti Racist Teacher Education Network (2002) A Framework for Anti Racist Teacher Education. ARTEN

Adams, S. and Moyles, J. (2005) Images of Violence : Responding to Children’s Representations of Violence they see. Featherstone Education Ltd

Alderson, P (2000) Young Children’s Rights – Exploring Beliefs, Principles and Practice Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Alibhai- Brown, Y.(2001) Mixed Feelings : the Complex Lives of Mixed-Race Britons. The Women’s PressLtd

Baig, R. with Lane, J. (2003) Building Bridges for our Future : the Way Forward through Times of Terror and War. Early Years Equality

Bell, A., Bryson, C., Barnes, M. and O’Shea, R. (2005) Use of Childcare Among Families from Minority Ethnic Backgrounds. Sure Start/The National Centre for Social Research

Bhavnani, R. (2001) Rethinking Interventions in Racism. Commission for Racial Equality with Trentham Books

Bhavnani, R., Mirza, S. M. and Meetoo, V. (2005) Tackling the roots of racism : lessons for success. The Policy Press

Bourne, J. (2001) The life and times of institutional racism in Race and Class, a special report on The three faces of British racism. Volume 43, No. 2 October-December

Brent Early Years and Childcare Partnership (2001) Equality Audit.

Brown, B. (2008) Equality in Action – a way forward with Persona Dolls. Trentham Books

Brown, B. (1998) Unlearning discrimination in the early years. /Persona Doll Training.

(third revision 1999) All Our Children : a guide for those who care. Early Years Equality

(2001) Combating discrimination : Persona Dolls in action. Trentham Books/Persona Doll Training.

Chambers, C., Funge, S., Harris, G. and Williams, C. (1996) Celebrating identity: a resource manual, Trentham Books, Stoke-on-Trent.

Clouston, A and Webster, S. (2009) NPQICL booklet 11. Inclusive leadership. With contributions from Jane Lane and Lutfur Ali. National College for School Leadership

Commission for Racial Equality (revised 1996) From cradle to school : a practical guide to racial equality in early childhood education and care. Now out of print. In its place the Commission recommends Action for Racial Equality by Jane Lane – see below

(2000) Learning for All : standards for racial equality in schools.

(1996) Roots of the Future : ethnic diversity in the making of Britain

Commission for Racial Equality in Scotland, Disability Rights Commission, Equal Opportunities Commission (Scotland) (2002). An Equal Start : promoting equal opportunities in the early years. Available, free, from EOC, Arndale House, Arndale Centre, Manchester M4 3EQ. Tel. 0845 601 5901.

Connolly, P. (1998) Racism, Gender identities and Young Children: Social Relations in a Multi-Ethnic Inner-City Primary School. Routledge

(2002) Fair Play : talking with children about prejudice and discrimination. Barnardo’s, Northern Ireland/Save the Children. Available, free or low cost, from Save the Children, 15 Richmond Park, Finaghy, Northern Ireland BT10 OHB. Tel. 02890 431123

Connolly, P., Smith, A. and Kelly, B. (2002) Too Young to Notice? The cultural and political awareness of 3-6 year olds in Northern Ireland. Community Relations Council

Cousins, J. (1999) Listening to four year olds : how they can help us plan their education and care. National Early Years Network/National Children’s Bureau

Craig, G and others (2007) Sure Start and Black and Minority Ethnic Populations. National Evaluation, Sure Start Report 020

Creaser, B. & Dau, E. (1996) The anti-bias approach in early childhood, Harper Educational, Australia.

Darbyshire, H. (1994) Not in Norfolk : tackling the invisibility of racism. Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council, North Wing, County Hall, Norwich NR1 2DH. Tel. 01603 611644. Fax. 01603 611646. email : [email protected]. In 1998 NNREC published an update Now in Norfolk. Details of both on website : www.nnrec.org.uk

Darling, B. & Hedge, A. (1992) Fair interviewing, Trentham Books

Daycare Trust (2003) Parents’ Eye : building a vision of equality and inclusion in childcare services. Free

Daycare Trust (2007) Listening to Black and Minority Ethnic Parents about Childcare. Daycare Trust

Daycare Trust (2008) Ensuring Equality – The black and minority ethnic workforce. Daycare Trust

Daycare Trust (2008) Ensuring Equality in childcare for black and minority ethnic families: a summary paper. Daycare Trust

(2004) Positive Practice – achieving equality in childcare ; a guide for practitioners. Free

Daycare Trust/National Centre for Social Research (2006) Ensuring Equality : black and minority ethnic families’ views on childcare. Daycare Trust

DCSF (2007) Supporting children learning English as an Additional Language : Guidance for practitioners in the Early Years Foundation Stage

DCSF (2008) Everyone’s welcome – how Sure Start Children’s Centres are serving their communities DCSF

DCSF (2008) The inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Young People – strategies for building confidence in voluntary self-declared ethnicity ascription

DCSF (2009) Building futures : Believing in children – a focus on provision for Black children in the Early Years Foundation Stage. National Strategies – early years

Department for Education and Skills

(2003) Aiming High : raising the achievement of Gypsy and Traveller pupils – a guide to good practice

(2003) Aiming High : raising the achievement of African-Caribbean pupils

(2003) Aiming High : raising the achievement of Minority Ethnic pupils

(2004) Aiming High : understanding the educational needs of Minority Ethnic pupils in Mainly White Schools

(2005) Ethnicity and Education : the Evidence on Minority Ethnic Pupils. Research Topic Paper

(consultation 2005) Inclusion, Equality and Diversity : data

(2006b) Bullying around racism, religion and culture. How to prevent it, and what to do when it happens – Advice to schools

Derbyshire, H. (1994) Not in Norfolk: tackling the invisibility of racism, Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council, Norwich.

Derman-Sparks, L. (2004) Early Childhood Anti-Bias Education in the USA invan Keulen, A. (ed) Young children aren’t biased, are they?! : How to handle diversity in early childhood education and school. B.V.Uitgeverij SWP Amsterdam

Derman Sparks, L. and the ABC Task Force (1989) Anti-Bias Curriculum : tools for empowering young children. NAEYC, Washington, USA. Available from National Children’s Bureau.

Derman-Sparks, L. and Brunson Phillips, C. (1997) Teaching/Learning Anti-racism : a developmental approach. Teachers College Press, New York

Dickins, M with Denziloe, J (2003) All together : how to create inclusive services for disabled children and their families. A practical handbook for early years workers. National Children’s Bureau

Dixon, Bob. (1990) Playing them false : a study of children’s toys, games and puzzles. Trentham Books

Draycott, P and Robins, L . (2005) Say Hello To – A multi-faith, multi-cultural resource to aid learning in the Early Years. RE today

Drury, R. (2006) Young Bilingual Children Learning at Home and School. Trentham Books

Drury, R. (2007) Young Bilingual Learners at Home and at School : researching multilingual voices. Trentham Books

Ealing Council (2003) Listening – pupil’s voices, experiences and advice : preventing and addressing racism in schools (including nurseries)

Early Childhood Forum (1998, second edition 2003) Quality in diversity in early learning : a framework for early childhood practitioners. Formerly Early Childhood Education Forum, National Children’s Bureau, London.

Early Years Trainers Anti Racist Network (EYTARN)

(1993) On the spot : dealing with racism

(1995) Best of both worlds : celebrating mixed parentage

(1995 Partnership with parents : an anti-discriminatory approach

(1998) Planning for Excellence : implementing the DfEE Guidance requirement for the equal opportunity strategy in Early Years Development Plans. EYE

(2001) A Policy for Excellence : developing a policy for equality in early years settings.Includes developing a policy on name-calling. EYE

Edwards, S. O., Derman-Sparks, L. and Ramsey, P. (2006) What if all the kids are White? Anti-bias Multicultural Education with Young Children and Families. Teachers College Press

Edwards, V. (1996) The other languages : a guide to multilingual classrooms. The National Centre for Language and Literacy, University of Reading, Bulmershe Court, Woodlands Road, Earley, Reading RG6 1HY. Tel 0118 378 8820. email : [email protected]

Elfer, P. (ed) (1995) With Equal Concern : training materials to ensure day care and educational provision for young children takes positive account of the ‘religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background of each child’ (Children Act 1989). National Children’s Bureau

Essex County Council (2007) Dealing with and recording racist incidents in the early years and childcare settings. Essex Early Years and Childcare Service

Essex EYDCP (2001) A World of Opportunities : a working guide for equal opportunities practice

Finch, S. (2000) Towards a Non-violent Society : checkpoints for early years. Forum on children and violence, National Children’s Bureau

Finney, N. and Simpson, L, (2009) ‘Sleepwalking to segregation’? Challenging myths about race and migration. The Policy Press

Fryer, P. (1984) Staying Power : the history of Black People in Britain. Pluto Press

Gaine, C. (1995) Still no problem here. Trentham Books

(2006) We’re All White, Thanks : the persisting myth about ‘white’ schools Trentham Books

Garforth, H., Hopper, L., Lowe, B., and Robinson, L. (2006) Growing up global. Demonstrates how global education can be a thread running through teaching and learning right from the start. Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC)

Gillborn, D and Mirza, H.S. (2000) Educational Inequality : mapping race, class and gender : a synthesis of research evidence. OFSTED

Gillborn, D. and Warren, S. (2003) Race Equality and Education in Birmingham. Commissioned by Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Race Action

Glasgow City Council (2008) Different Together – Anti-Racist Curriculum for Glasgow – an approach for early years centres. Glasgow City Council Group. Has references to early years. Available on website www.birmingham.gov.uk/equalities

Houston, G. (2004) Beyond the welcome poster Early Years Equality

Houston, G. (2007) Mixed race not mixed up! A good practice guide for Early Years practitioners : supporting children from multiracial families in Early Years settings. Early Years Equality

Hyder, T. and Rutter, J. (1998) Refugee children in the early years : issues for policy-makers and providers. Save the Children/Refugee Council.

Hyder, T. (2005) War, conflict and play. Open University Press

Ifekwunigwe, J. (ed) (2004) Mixed Race Studies : a reader. Routledge

Institute of Race Relations (1982) Roots of racism and Patterns of racism

Jay, E. (1992) Keep them in Birmingham : challenging racism in South West England. Commission for Racial Equality. Now out of print but can be read in CRE Library.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2008) Parenting ‘Mixed’ Children : negotiating difference and belonging

Joseph, C., Lane, J. and Sharma, S. (1994) No Equality, No Quality in Moss, P and Pence, A (eds) Valuing Quality in Early Childhood Services : new approaches to defining quality. Paul Chapman Publishing

Kahn, T. and Young, N. (2007) Embracing Equality : promoting equality and inclusion in the early years. Preface by Jane Lane.

Pre-school Learning Alliance.

Kapasi, H. (2007) Being antiracist in Brown, F and Taylor, C. (ed) Foundations of Playwork Open University Press

Kazimirski, A., Southwood, H. and Bryson, C. (2006) Childcare and early years provision for minority ethnic families. Daycare Trust/National Centre for Social Research

Kenner, C. (2004) Becoming Biliterate : young children learning different writing systems Trentham Books

Kenway, P. (1994) Working with parents, Save the Children in association with Reading and Language Information Centre

Kiddle, C. (1999) Traveller children : a voice for themselves. Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Lane, J. (1989) The playgroup/nursery in Cole, M (ed) Education for Equality : Some Guidelines for Good Practice Routledge Education

Lane, J. (1993) What role has the law played in getting rid of racism in the lives of children? In Pugh, G. (ed) 30 years of change for children. National Children’s Bureau

Lane, J. (1996) Race Relations Act 1976, Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and Equality Early Years Education Management, Croner Publications

Lane, J (1999) Opening up Access to Qualifications and Training for Candidates from Minority Ethnic Groups : guidelines for study centres. Early Years Trainers Anti Racist Network and the Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education (CACHE). Available from EYE.

Lane, J (2006) Right from the start : a commissioned study of antiracism, learning and the early years. Focus Institute on Rights and Social Transformation (FIRST). www.focus-first.co.uk

Lane, J. (ed) (2006) A special edition of 12 articles in Race Equality Teaching on the early years. Spring

Lane, J. (1999, revised 2007) Working title – Action for racial equality in the early years : understanding the past, thinking about the present, planning for the future. Recommended by Commission for Racial Equality particularly for legislation. National Early Years Network. New publication available from the National Children’s Bureau. (Contains list of research on children’s attitudes, listed under Ammons, R.)

Lane, J. (2007) – Culture, ethnicity, language, faith and equal respect – does ‘getting it’ matter? In Education Review, National Union of Teachers, vol20, No. 1. Spring

Lane, J. (2007) Preface in Kahn, T. and Young, N. Embracing Equality : promoting equality and inclusion in the early years. Pre-school Learning Alliance

Lane, J. (2008) Young children and racial justice – taking action for racial equality in the early years – understanding the past, thinking about the present, planning for the future National Children’s Bureau. A selection of reviews of this book is available from Jane Lane – [email protected]

Lindon, J. (2006) Equality in Early Childhood : linking theory and practice. Hodder Arnold

Lloyd, N and Rafferty, A (2006) Black and Minority Ethnic Families and Sure Start – findings from local evaluation reports. National Evaluation of Sure Start

MacNaughton, G., Rolfe, S. and Siraj-Blatchford, I. (2001) Doing Early Childhood Research : International perspectives on theory and practice. Open University Press

Madge, N. [assisted by Howell, S.] (2001) Understanding Difference : the meaning of ethnicity for young lives National Children’s Bureau

McDonald, T and Thompson, M. (1999) Gypsies and other Travellers : information and training pack. Save the Children

Milner, D. (1983) Children and race : ten years on Ward Lock Educational

National Children’s Bureau/Early Childhood Unit (2004) Working with young children from minority ethnic groups : a guide to Sources of Information. Sure Start Unit DfES. Available free from NCB

National Children’s Bureau (NCB) (2006) Parents, Early Years and Learning Resource Pack. Produced by the Department for Education and Skills

Nizhar, P. (1995) No Problem? : Race issues in Shropshire. Race Equality Forum for Telford and Shropshire.

North Yorkshire County Council (2001) Traveller Children : Learning at Home and at School in the Early Years. North Yorkshire Traveller Education

OFSTED (2001) Evaluating educational inclusion : guidance on equality of access and opportunity

Pre-school Learning Alliance (revised 2001) Equal Chances : eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality in pre-school settings.

(2005) Policies for early years settings

Refugee Council/Save The Children (2001) In Safe Hands : a resource and training pack to support work with young refugee children

Riches, R. (2007) Early Years Outreach Practice – supporting early years practitioners working with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller families. Save the Children

Richardson, B (ed) (2005) Tell it like it is : How our schools fail Black children. Bookmarks Publications/Trentham Books.

Richardson, R and Wood, A (1999) Inclusive Schools : Inclusive Society : race and identity on the agenda. Race on the Agenda in partnership with Association of London Government and Save the Children.

Richardson, R. and Miles, B. (2003) Equality Stories : recognition, respect and raising achievement. Trentham Books

Runnymede Trust (2000) The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain – The Parekh Report Profile Books

Runnymede Trust (2003) Complementing Teachers : a Practical Guide to Promoting Race Equality in Schools.

Save the Children (2007) a practical comprehensive support project for early years Gypsies, Roma and Travellers

Save the Children/Salusbury World (2004) Home from Home : a guidance and resource pack for the welcome and inclusion of refugee children and families in school. Save the Children (c/o Plymbridge Distributors Ltd. Estover Road, Plymouth PL6 7PY. Tel. 01752 202301. fax 10752 202333. email : [email protected]) Also available from EYE.

Save the Children/DfES (2006) Working towards Inclusive practice : Gypsy/Roma and Traveller Cultural Awareness Training and Activities for Early Years Settings. Save the Children

Siraj-Blatchford, I. (1994) The Early Years : laying the foundations for racial equality. Trentham Books

Siraj-Blatchford, I. and Clarke, P. (2000) Supporting Identity, Diversity and Language in the Early Years. Open University Press

Sure Start (2002) Birth to three matters : a framework to support children in their earliest years. With CD Rom including several articles on equality issues. ie. Working for Equality with children under the age of three (A strong child, culture and community)

(2004) Sure Start : For Everyone, promoting inclusion, embracing diversity, challenging inequality – Inclusion Pilot Projects Summary Report.

Sure Start (2005) Use of Childcare among Families from Minority Ethnic Backgrounds

Sylva, K. and others (2007) Promoting Equality in the Early Years – Report to the Equalities Review Effective Pre-school and Primary Education 3-11 project. Institute of Education, London University

Taylor, J. (2006) Start With a difference : promoting race equality in the early years – a Jewish perspective. The Jewish Council for Racial Equality

Thomas, E. (2003) What about me? : an equal opportunities support pack. For the National Standards, NVQs and QA scheme kitemarks. HLB Associates. email : [email protected]

Troyna, B. and Hatcher, R. (1992) Racism in Children’s Lives : A Study of Mainly White Primary Schools. Routledge/National Children’s Bureau

University of Bristol (in association with Birmingham LEA) (2004) Understanding the educational needs of mixed heritage pupils. Full report on DfES website

Van Ausdale, D and Feagin, J. (2001) The First R : How Children Learn Race and Racism. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

van Keulen, A. (ed) (2004) Young children aren’t biased, are they?! : how to handle diversity in early childhood education and school. B.V. Uitgeverij SWP Amsterdam

Working Group Against Racism in Children’s Resources (1991) Guidelines for the evaluation and selection of child development books, WGARCR, London

(1995) Guidelines for the evaluation and selection of toys and other resources, WGARCR, London.

b) Legislative issues

Commission for Racial Equality

(1989) Code of Practice for the elimination of racial discrimination in education.

(2000) Learning for all : standards for racial equality in schools.

(2002) Statutory Code of Practice on the duty to promote race equality

A guide for public authorities

A guide for further and higher education institutions

A guide for schools

Ethnic monitoring : a guide for public authorities/local government

A framework for inspectorates

A framework for a race equality policy

(2003) Public Procurement and Race Equality : guidelines for public authorities

Briefing on Gypsies and Irish Travellers

(2004) Public Authorities and Partnerships ; a guide to the duty to promote race equality

(2005) Gypsies and Travellers : the facts

Good race relations guide :voluntary sector guidance

(2006) Code of Practice : for the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment

Please note : To order publications from the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) : tel 0870 240 3697/fax 0870 240 3698 or email : [email protected] or CRE Customer Services, PO Box 29, Norwich NR3 1GN or CRE/TSO website. The CRE publishes other documents, including on performance guidelines for schools and local authorities, and on public procurement.

Johnson, C and Willers, M. (2004) Gypsy and Traveller Law. LAG Books

Lane, J. (2004) Promoting race equality in early years. Sure Start

The Stationery Office The Race Relations Act 1976

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

c) Articles/papers/posters

Amin, K. (2006) Working with faith communities : services for children and families. Race Equality Teaching, Spring

Bourne, J. (2008) Media hysteria around new book. Institute of Race Relations www.irr.org July

Brettingham, M. (2008) Can a four-year-old be racist? Pressure on schools to report racist incidents is confusing the issue. Times Educational Supplement Magazine. 24 September

Children and Young People Now (2008) Putting the record straight. About misunderstood NCB publication, Young children and racial justice by Jane Lane

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Early Childhood Forum/Sure Start/National Children’s Bureau (2005) Participation and Belonging in Early Years Settings. A short leaflet. National Children’s Bureau

Early Years Equality (2005) Mother Tongue Posters – it’s good to speak your mother tongue

Gill, D. and Lane, J. (2004) a series of three articles – Working together for racial equality : the key principles, Equality in the early years : how can you ensure best practice in your setting and Learning to unlearn : counter racist attitudes with a comprehensive strategic approach across your setting. Nursery Education, April, May and June

Gopinath, R. (2004) Putting equality on the agenda. EYE News, March. Volume 2, Issue 1

Gopinath, R and Houston, G (2003) Foundation Stage Profile : implications for inclusion. EYE News. Early Years Equality, October

Guishard- Pine, J. (2006) Men in Black families : the impact of fathering on children’s development. Race Equality Teaching, Spring

Holden, A. (2006) The Burnley Project : evaluating the contribution of interfaith dialogue to community cohesion – unpublished interimreport. University of Lancaster/Home Office

Hounslow EYDCP Equality coordinators in early years settings – a flier and a sample job description and person specification for an equality coordinator. www.hounslow.gov.uk Go to early years equality coordinator

Houston, G. (2006) Sure Start or False Start – Sure Start Local Programmes – success or failure. Race Equality Teaching. Spring

Include me TOO and Early Years Equality My Family My Culture. Posters of black and minority ethnic disabled children and their families. IM2 and EYE websites

Information Centre about Asylum Seekers and Refugees – ICAR (2006) Destitution among refugees and asylum seekers ICAR briefing. May

Islington London Borough (approx 2002, undated) Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Kapasi, H. (2006) Race equality training in early years Race Equality Teaching, Spring

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Lane, J. (2005) I’ve just seen a wave as big as our house, Daddy : the importance of providing scope for children to talk about things that worry them, including disasters such as the tsunami. Early Years Educator, March website:http://www.earlyyearseducator.co.uk/pages/issues/march05/disaster.htm

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in Race Equality Teaching, Spring

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Oxfordshire County Council (2003) Traveller Children and the Early Years. www.a-s-e-t.demon.co.uk/

Race and Class (Volume 43, October-December 2001) The three faces of British racism. Institute of Race Relations

Race Equality Teaching (2006) A special edition on the early years, twelve articles (ed. Jane Lane). Spring

Refugee Council (2005) The truth about asylum : tell it like it is. A pocket guide to asylum and immigration facts, a guide to sensible discussions. Available from www.refugeecouncil.org.uk

Road, N (2004) Are equalities an issue? Finding out what children think in McAuliffe, A-M (Ed.) Listening as a way of life. One of a series of five papers. National Children’s Bureau/Sure Start. Free

Selleck, D. (2006) Being included – being ‘brown’, being me! Beginning at the beginning. in Race Equality Teaching, Spring

Tatham, M. Equality is the Best Policy Schools Out, Spring 2002

Zealey, C. (1995) The importance of names in Coordinate Collection, National Early Years Network, London.

d) Journals

International Journal of Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood, Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood, Department of Learning and Educational Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia. Tel. +61 3 83440967/fax +61 3 83440995. emails : [email protected].

Race Equality Teaching (formerly MCT Multicultural Teaching), Trentham Books Limited, Westview House 734 London Road, Oakhill, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 5NP. Tel. 01782 745567/fax 01782 745553. email : [email protected]. www.trentham-books.co.uk

Travellers Times. www.travellerstimes.org.uk

2) Videos/CD Roms/DVDs/resources on websites

Brent Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership(2001a) Heart of Learning : supporting children in the Foundation Stage. Video and booklet. Available from EYE

Child’s Eye Media. A child’s eye view of Festivals Chinese New Year, Divali, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hanukkah. www.childseyemedia.com

The Eye of the Storm (1970) a film by Jane Elliott

Institute of Race Relations Homebeats :struggles for racial justice. A multi-media journey through time from the Caribbean, Asia and Africa to the making of modern Britain.

Persona Doll Training (2001) Persona Dolls in Action with support book.

(2004) Celebrating Diversity : inclusion in practice with support book

Both available from 51 Granville Road, London N12 OJH. Also available from EYE

Runnymede Trust Real Histories : a resource for teachers, parents, pupils and the wider community to support them in their teaching and learning about cultural diversity in the United Kingdom. Includes storytellers, dual language books and culturally diverse toys. www.realhistories.org.uk

Save the Children/The Refugee Council (2001) In Safe Hands : a resource and video training pack to support work with young refugee children Alsoavailable from EYE

Wolverhampton Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership (2003) For All of Us. Social inclusion pilot video

3) Organisations that provide information/publications on racial equality issues

Access for Information to Multicultural Education Resources (AIMER), Reading and Language Information Centre, University of Reading, Bulmershe Court, Earley, Reading RG6 1HY. Tel. 0118 931 8820/fax 0118 931 6801. email : [email protected]

Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Archive, Ground Floor, Devonshire House, Precinct Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL. Tel. 0161 275 2920. Fax 0161 275 0916. email : [email protected]

Anti Racist Teacher Education Network (ARTEN) 19 Hillbury Road, Tooting, London SW17 8JT

Aswan Learning Centre, Day Lewis House 324-340 Bensham Lane, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 7QE

Daycare Trust, 21 St. George’s Road, London SE1 6ES. Tel. 0207 840 3350. Fax. 0207 840 3355. email : [email protected]

Early Years Equality (EYE), PO Box 28, Wallasey CH45 9NP. Tel./Fax 0151 639 1778. email : [email protected]. Full resources list and membership form available.

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) 3 More London, Riverside, Tooley Street, London SE1 2RG tel. Helpline 0845 604 6610. Non helpline 0203 117 0235. [email protected] Offices also in Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow

Institute of Race Relations, 2-6 Leeke Street, London WC1X 9HS. Tel. 0207 837 0041. Fax 0207 278 0623. email : [email protected]

Letterbox Library, 71-73 Allen Road, London N16 8RY. Tel. 0207 503 4801. Fax 0207 503 4800. email : [email protected]. Book specialists for parents, carers and professionals

National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC), Holywell School Site, Tolpits Lane, Watford WD18 6LP. Tel. 01923 248584

National Childminding Association (NCMA), Royal Court, 81 Tweedy Toad, Bromley Kent BR1 1TG. Tel.0545 880 0044. email : [email protected] Equality issues are integral to all materials.

National Children’s Bureau, Early Childhood Unit, 8 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7QE. Tel. 0207 843 6000. Fax. 0207 843 6307. email : [email protected]

Refugee Council, 240/250 Ferndale Road, London SW9 8BB. Tel. 0207 582 6922. Fax. 0207 737 3306. email : [email protected]

Race Equality Foundation (formerly the Race Equality Unit), Unit 35, King’s Exchange, Tileyard Road, London N7 9AH. Tel. 0207 619 6220. email : ‘first name’@reunet.demon.co.uk

Save the Children, 17 Grove Lane, London SE5 8RD. Tel. 0207 703 5400. Fax. 0207 703 2278. email : [email protected]

Trentham Books, Westview House, 734 London Road, Oakhill, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire ST4 5NP Tel. 01782 745567. Fax 01782 745553. email : [email protected]

Working Group against Racism in Children’s Resources (WGARCR), Unit 63A, Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road, London SW2 1BZ. Tel./fax 0207 501 9992. email : [email protected] – produces information about picture books and where to buy resources

4) Websites

1990 Trust Blink website. www.blink.org.uk

Access to Information on Multicultural Education Resources. www.ncll.org.uk

Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Archive. www.racearchive.org.uk. www.educationtrust.org.uk

Britkids. www.britkid.org.uk. A website on race, racism and life for Britkids

Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood. www.edfac.unimelb.edu.au/LED/CEIEC

Daycare Trust. www.daycaretrust.org.uk

Early Years Equality. www.earlyyearsequality.org

Equality and Human Rights Commission www.equalityhumanrights.com

General Teaching Council, Achieve project http://www.gtce.org.uk/networks/achieve/achieveresources/

Institute of Race Relations. Includes weekly email bulletin. www.irr.org.uk

Letterbox Library. www.letterboxlibrary.com

Multiverse www.multiverse.ac.uk

National Centre for Language and Literacy. www.ncll.reading.ac.uk

National Childminding Association. www.ncma.org.uk

National Children’s Bureau. www.earlychildhood.org.uk

National Refugee Integration Forum (NRIF) www.nrif.org.uk

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) Respect for all : valuing diversity and challenging racism through the curriculum. www.qca.org.uk/301.html

Race Equality Foundation. www.raceequalityfoundation.org.uk

Refugee Council. www.refugeecouncil.org.uk

Salusbury World. www.salusburyworld.org.uk

Save the Children. www.savethechildren.org.uk

Sure Start Unit/Department for Education and Skills. www.surestart.gov.uk/ensuringquality/inclusion/equality/resources

The Stationery Office. www.tso.co.uk

Trentham Books. www.trentham-books.co.uk

Early Years Equality (formerly the Early Years Trainers Anti Racist Network) has a published list of resources, not all of which are included here (see EYE website).

5) email bulletins

Equality News – online newsletter of Equality and Human Rights Commission

Institute of Race Relations weekly bulletin

Refugee Council bulletin

Runnymede Trust bulletin

This list was collated in July 2009. It does not claim to include all the relevant resources.If you have found other information/resources useful, that are not included here, please let me know. [email protected]

Other resources are available from Letterbox Library and Community Insight.

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