Social Pedagogy – in the UK, and in Slovenia

Next Month

Next month we will be focusing on the theme of social pedagogy. The subject is attracting increasing interest, and schemes involving social pedagogues are being piloted with Government support.

But there are plenty of people who are still wondering what it is all about. What is social pedagogy? Is it what we’ve been doing all along, but under another name? Is it something suspicious from abroad being foisted onto the child care workers of Britain? Is it a panacea? Is it for people working with certain age groups?

We hope that the articles we publish we help to answer some of these questions. If you are a writer and you have something to say on the topic, please send us an article by 15 August.

This Month

We have just received the latest version of Social Na Pedagogika. Don’t let the title put you off. Although the journal is put together in Slovenia, this edition is all in English, and the Contents include some interesting titles. What is more, Slovenia has an excellent reputation for the quality of its social pedagogy and training courses. We have not yet read the 218 pages of Volume 13, but here are the six titles:

–           Social pedagogy for the reduction of social exclusion

–           Homelessness and the accessibility of the health care system

–           Changes in the behaviour of school-aged children: new or old educational challenges

–           Behavioural and emotional disorders of children and adolescents in Slovenian juvenile educational institutions

–           Social pedagogues – from knowledge to faith in change

–           The use of alcohol among secondary school students on graduation tours

If you are interested in receiving the journal, email the Editor: [email protected] .

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