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We have had this network drawn to our attention; the following information is taken from their website and a circular email about the contents of the latest edition of the SW&S Journal.

Mission Statement

The Social Work & Society Online News Magazine (SocMag) is a free access online only magazine that aims at establishing a political and socially critical information platform for international news in the realm of all professional fields of social services as well as social movements and NGOs. It offers a broad presentation of news, social reports, essays, country notes and commentaries referring to contemporary and controversial debates.

SocMag understands itself as a means to counter aspirations of national, cultural, political, and professional hegemony. As an alternative the magazine represents the plurality of experienced political, institutional, and practical conditions and opportunities within different countries and aims at establishing an atmosphere of solidarity, social justice and welfare.

The reports, articles, essays etc. may be published in different languages – but all will have an English abstract. Contributions from all over the world are welcome – please send them via email to the editors for review – [email protected] – SocMag is being updated continuously.

Comments are welcome and are being released by the editors after checking. Readers are welcome to quote the magazine’s contents in other contexts by quotation of references.


SocMag is part of the Social Work and Society (SW&S)-Network which is accountable for publishing the SW&S-Online-Journal ( and the SW&S-Magazine (

The SW&S-Journal is focused on scientific issues in the fields of social work and social policy. The SW&S-Magazine establishes a critical information platform for international news in the realm of social and human services.

It contains critical reports and articles from all over the world:

New Actions and publications:

The next issue will be launched in March 2008 – so we are looking forward to receiving articles, reports etc. until February 15th 2008.

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