Stories from the Road : 3 : Pay Respect : Respect Pays

Dave Wiles and Tim Evans as Chief Executives of youth work organisations decided to draw attention to the good stories about young people by taking to the road with only £10 in their pockets. If you want to read earlier episodes, click here.

Story 2

It was that morning that Pamela had come to meet Jake, a young man who had been referred for support by his psychiatrist.  Pamela was a bit concerned as she drove to work, on the basis that she had been warned that Jake was dangerous and would need careful supervision within a safe working environment. 

So she was slightly preoccupied when she was greeted that morning by a smiley young man who opened the door for her with a cheery grin.  Pamela, who is one of the most good-natured and friendly people I know, opened a banter with him in which she said she hoped to be working with young people who were all as nice as him that day!

The banter continued and covered holidays, (Pamela had just been on one!) and hair styles – the young man had just got his hair styled.  Pamela said good bye to the young man and hoped she would meet him again and was taken aback when he shook her hand. Several minutes later she was even more shocked to discover that the young man was Jake. 

Pamela reflected that she had been given the impression that Jake was just “a piece of s***”. Her sense of hope was engaged, however, as she realised that giving respect often led to receiving respect.

It was just after this that we talked with Paul about his reflections on hope. We were stood outside the project drinking our coffee (our first free drink of the day!!) with a group of young people when Paul told us his story of hope…

Read about Paul next month.

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