Stories from the Road : 5 : Reading and Singing

Dave Wiles and Tim Evans as Chief Executives of youth work organisations decided to draw attention to the good stories about young people by taking to the road with only £10 in their pockets. If you want to read earlier episodes, click here.

Story 3

… One of the young girls that Paul worked with, who has difficulties reading, had approached him for help with Bible reading. Whilst the young girl didn’t go to church she was willing to struggle with her reading problem in order to read at her friend’s wedding in front of hoards of people! 

Paul helped her practise in front of her friends, breaking down the words phonetically and getting her used to public reading.  It was encouraging for us to see the sense of pride and joy that Paul was taking in his work with young people and the “happy ever after” side of my nature couldn’t wait to find out how she got on! 

However, her reading was called off at the church and she took on a far more important role as she sang to the happy couple during the Karaoke at the reception!

We moved on to St Paul’s in Bristol.

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