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At Totally Childcare we have spent our working lives helping parents and nannies find all their childcare solutions – parents that are looking for the best childcare for their family and nannies that are looking for the perfect nanny job.

Many of the parents and nannies we work with are highly motivated, ambitious individuals who, when they see how easy our websites is to use and what they could achieve by joining, are more than happy to do so. However, we had a suspicion that there are many parents and nannies who are not aware that there is a service such as our website that gives them the opportunity to search for and find either a nanny or a nanny job without going through a nanny agency, hence eliminating precious time waiting for the agency to get back to them.

So we set out to test our suspicions and we were taken aback at the sheer number of parents and nannies are searching for their requirements. The research was conducted across a spread of 23 parents and 23 nannies, to find out what they would be looking for in a childcare website and how they found a nanny or work looking after children.


Here are some of the main findings:

  • Only 4% of nannies found work using the internet.
  • 35% of the nannies asked had never used the internet but 69% said they would consider using the internet if they got the reassurance and support that they got through using a nanny agency.
  • 52% of nannies used nanny agencies, 22% had searched for a job on the internet but only 9% had got work through a website.
  • 69% of nannies said they would use a website to find work, but it would need to be simple and easy to use with lots of useful information.
  • No parents had managed to find a nanny using the internet. 35% had never used the internet but 69% said they would use the internet if they got the reassurance and support they needed.
  • 35% of parents use an agency, 22% had used a website, but 43% had found their childcare through word of mouth.
  • 69% of parents said they would use a website to find childcare, but they would be looking for reassurance, such as testimonials from other parents who had used the site before or FAQ, simple to use with an area locater so that searching for a nanny was quick and easy.

The Four Main Conclusions

There are four main, overarching conclusions to be drawn from the research, and to help parents and nannies, we have identified and described each one in turn:

1. Reassurance and support

To reassure parents and nannies that it is completely safe and straightforward to use the website.

It is entirely possible to take full responsibility for the way you look for childcare.  There is nothing difficult or scary about using the internet to search for a nanny or for a nanny position.

Click on the link below to get some reassurance.


2. Clear and simple

To help them to use the website for their benefit and make it easy to add their data without any difficulty.

If clients don’t grasp the basic concepts of using a website, then they run the very real risk of missing a perfect opportunity to find the right solution for them. To achieve this, it has to be clear and simple with easy step-by-step information on what to do at each stage, making the procedure hassle-free.

Click on the link below to watch a video on how to register on the site.


3. Search by area

To give them all the knowledge and confidence they need so they will use our service again and again.

People need to be given easy and simple steps on how to use the website to their best advantage so that they develop confidence in using the Internet. There is a section where they can enter their address or a postcode and get the information they require without any hassle, making the procedure quicker and eliminating the time it takes by only getting details of nannies or jobs that are of interested to them.

Click on the link below to go to the google map section on how to search for childcare.


4. Accreditation

To be able to see or check references and have testimonials from people that have used the site and successfully find what they have been looking for.

Many people feel they need support in the above areas and are reticent about taking that step to find what they are looking for.  However, with the right support they are able to use the site to control and manage all the risks associated with looking for childcare.

Click on the link below to go to the google map section on how to search for childcare.



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