Young Vision 2020: A Message of Optimism

By Ruxandra, 15 years old, Piatra-Neamt, Romania

It is a fact that humankind has been progressing a lot in the last decades. We should also be aware of the fact that progress doesn’t always mean a good thing. If we would follow Jules Verne in his attempt to intuit the future we would be amazed at the evolution and transformation that we will be empowered to recognise them over a decade.

We all know that the world goes through a crisis at the moment. To my way of thinking, in ten years’ time, through hard work and comprehensive strategies we can change this world that we live in. We’ll learn to preserve the resources; we’ll learn to exploit them as smartly and efficaciously as we can.

The evolution of mankind is always between collapse and progress, but I strongly believe that humanity will eventually learn to protect the Earth for our descendents to have a strongly built future ahead of them. It strikes me that the world would be a better place without nuclear power, without polluting factories, with more people riding bikes in urban areas instead of driving cars and with less deforestation.

My hopes stand in the development of the humankind’s overall thoughts and conception of the Earth as a perfect habitat for the human species, the evolution of medicine, people healed of cancer and HIV, and solving the poverty problems in so many countries around the world, where a glass of pure water is considered something luxurious. As far as I am concerned, the world, in ten years’ time, will be able to offer a prosperous future for the next generations.

On the other hand I am afraid that the world could keep going on the same path as in the last few years. This state of decline is due to human greed and therefore I would like the leaders to help those children who are dying, and the hungry and sick people who could use our help. I am also scared about the wars that never seem to end; soldiers do not die for a cause, but give their lives for political ambitions.~

When asked about what I would do if I’d have the power, I would answer that even after ten years from now, I will keep reminding the people that we are so small next to the universe although we have evolved so much. As Asimov’s conception says, we have made so many mistakes that have degraded the planet and we must care for it if we want future generations to have an environment in which to grow and enjoy the mild sun, the fresh air and crystal clear water that we enjoyed.

All in all I am optimistic about the future and I am eager to see if it fits with my own conception of it …..

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