Young Vision 2020: Fears and Fun and Fantasies

Nuwangi Munasinghe

I hope in ten years time the hole in the ozone is gone and the planet will still be there.
I think our ordinary utensils are going to change, like robots will do every thing.
I look forward to the fun rides people will make.
I am afraid that there will never be another 10 years because every one will die.
People will realise we have to help nature grow instead of destroying it.
Help nature!!!
We must help nature!!!


In ten years’ time I hope the world will be a happy place.
How do I think it’s going to change? Well, I think that we will have more inventions.
What am I looking forward to? Well I’m looking forward to riding a red car.
What am I afraid of in the next ten years? I’m afraid war just might come back!!!
In the next ten years I hope that I’ll be a singer, one just like Pink. (She’s my idol.)
What do I want to say to people in power? I would say give one million dollars to me!! What would make all the poor people unpoor {and have a big house made of jelly}.     From Sarah:)


In ten years I hope the world will be a peaceful planet. All the kids that have no homes or anything will be wealthy & healthy. All the bad people turn good. More libraries will open. Africa will blow up the United Kingdom except for Nandos and Legoland. Jesus will come back down. Bob will take over Earth. Chocolate will fall from the sky. The end.


Here is what I think about the future; I hope the world in ten years’ time will be more natural and more technical at the same time. And I think for the poor people it can change by having special day for picking up.

Thomas Cairnes

Here is what I think will happen in 2020. I hope the world will have lots of food to eat so that the people in poor countries like Africa don’t starve.

Ben Jackiln

I think the world would be very exciting in 2020.
I think the world is going to change in a way of good and bad.
I’m looking forward to flying cars.
I’m afraid that the world is going to end.
I hope the world will NOT end.
I’d say to the people in power: Prevent the world from going to end.
I’d send out search teams for werewolves and other mythical creatures.

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