Young Vision 2020: Jet-packs, Nintendo and Bush Fires

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1. I hope the world in 10 years’ time will be peaceful and calm.
2. I hope it will change and we don’t have water restrictions.
3. I’m looking forward to being able to being sprayed with the hose and having water fights.
4. I’m afraid that the bush land will get cut down.
5. I hope in the next 10 years we won’t have tragic bushfires.
6. I would like to say to the people in power make more things eco-friendly.
7. If I was in power I would tell people to make things more eco-friendly.

Krithika J

I hope in 10 years’ time that there would be no global warming, and we that will have non-pollution jet-packs or anything like that, so that you can fly and feel that you are flying, without all of us ever causing pollution, and so that we can take care of our environment and be peaceful.

Well, I think there are going to be lot more new inventions, new things to be explored and lots of new discoveries and more exciting things.

I am looking forward to play and have fun with new things and discover new things.

I am afraid that global warming would grow and the bush would come down.


I think the world in ten years will have jet packs, hover cars, world peace, unlimited cash, chocolate rivers. All the bad people die. I will get unlimited coke. I will get a playstation 2, nintendo wii, xbox 360, xbox360 elite, xbox and a nintendo dsi.


1. I think the world would be calm and peaceful in ten years’ time.
2. I think the world will change into a better place were people can live without having to do any harm.
3. I am looking forward to live peacefully with the sun shining and healthy kids playing happily outside.
4. I am afraid of the world blowing up.
5. I hope the world will be peaceful in ten years.
6. I would like to say to the people in power that they should stop the war.
7. If I were in power I would stop the war.

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