Annie’s Grannies in Decorating Disaster

New Children’s Book, Hailed “Hi-Jinx Mayhem”, Causes Calamities with Two Hapless Grannies!

The latest instalment of the hilarious and tumultuous ‘Annie’s Grannies’ series, ‘Annie’s Grannies in Decorating Disaster’ urges young readers to grab an apron, take cover and prepare for an adventure that could end up on the messy side. It stems from the author’s own unique observations on the ups and downs of everyday life and, after becoming a stay-at-home-dad, is a labour of love that has scored rave reviews. In fact, one reader recently wrote, “…wonderful, full of hi-jinx and mayhem, yet grounded in events that were relatable.”

Annie is a normal 10 year old girl. Her parents often go away to do boring work things, which means she gets to spend lots of time with her hopeless grannies. They’re always up to something and it never quite goes the way it’s supposed to. The most simple of things become complicated in their hands and the consequences are hilarious. Today they’re painting and decorating… …what could possibly go wrong!

“I think that the nonsensical is fascinating; those moments in life when crazy things happen and memories are created that we can look back on and laugh at for the rest of our lives,” explains the author. “When you break Annie’s adventures down, you come to see that they’re all incredibly real and could be happening next door. Still, their off-the-wall nature makes them extremely engaging to enquiring young minds and will definitely put children to sleep with a giggle!”

“Since becoming a stay-at-home Dad I’ve had to accept that crazy, sometimes seemingly impossible-to-fix things will happen, but that it’s vital to just roll with the punches, laugh when you can and embrace the uniqueness of everyday life. That’s the overall message of this book and Annie’s entire series.”

Initial reviews for the book have been glowing. For example:

“Bought a few copies of this book for my neices/nephews for Christmas. It was a lovely surprise when the books arrived and were signed by the author! The book itself is very entertaining and is beautifully illustrated!”

“Wonderful children’s book. I bought it for my autistic nephew and he loved the illustrations while his Mum enjoyed reading the story. Top purchase!”

Annie’s Grannies in Decorating Disaster’ is available now:

For more information and resources, visit the author’s official website:


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