Formula 1 and Golf experiences for youngsters – the perfect 1/2 term and Christmas gift

With the October half term just around the corner and then Christmas soon after, now might be a good time to introduce you to Lets Race and Lets Golf – one of the UK’s leading simulation centres and the only full-motion F1 sim centre open to the public in the UK.

The Formula 1 sims are perfect for keeping teenagers occupied – anyone can take part as long as they are over 1.5m tall, and the golf sims can be adjusted to any youngsters that can swing a golf club. They even have specific challenges for little ones.

The centre is family-friendly and they even have a restaurant and spectators zone on site so you can enjoy a full day out with the whole family in a warm, dry and safe environment. Furthermore, it’s cheaper than most theme park tickets or karting tracks in the country!

Find out more information on Let’s Golf here

Find out more information on Let’s Race here

The centre is located on the borders of Surrey and Sussex – just 5 minutes from Gatwick airport – so is easily accessible from anywhere in the UK and in fact is popular with many international travellers and their families.

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