‘Grandma’s Knitted Kingdom’ – new book release

Grandma’s Knitted Kingdom: Celebrated, Cosy Story Invites Children into Enchanting World – Made from Yarn!

Beautifully written by Rachel McRoy and illustrated by Raquel Brandao, ‘Grandma’s Knitted Kingdom’ is a children’s book unlike anything else on the market. Grandma isn’t just a fan of knitting; she’s literally knitted an entire kingdom for her grandchild. From a knitted house to a knitted forest and even animals made from yarn, it’s a playground for young minds to explore and become rulers of their kingdom. Written by McRoy for her own young son, the volume has already scored rave reviews. One critic writes:

“Really easy book to read with lovely colourful illustrations that are interesting and fit with the text . Would recommend any grandma to buy and read to their grandchildren . Fascinating and original story .”

Grandma’s Knitted Kingdom is available now: http://amzn.to/2mJmEO6

Grandma’s knitted kingdom is a bedtime story telling of a grandma who has knitted an entire kingdom for her grandchild to play in and explore. It creates magical and exciting, yet warm and cosy mental images for your child to take with him/her to the land of nod.

In the author’s words:

“The story is certainly unique. Good old Grandma has spent a long time knitting the yarn-filled world for her grandchild, in order for him to have an arena through which to explore, come-of-age and find his place in the world. It’s an extremely cosy kingdom that I created for my own son, Jack, so he could soothe himself to sleep in an empowering way.”

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