Revolutionary New Football Training Aid – KickTrix

Anthony Hamilton, father of Lewis, turns his hand to football and launches revolutionary football training tool – KickTrix™

The revolutionary KickTrix™ system is designed to improve performance of one of the most crucial skills in football – the keepy-uppy. This time-tested technique improves ball control, fitness, strength, focus and confidence, but is hard to practice indoors due to the space required and risk of damage. KickTrix™ solves these problems.

By tethering the ball to a central console KickTrix™ allows youngsters practice the keepy-uppy indoors without needing a large space and without the risk of damaging anything. KickTrix™ is able to display and keep a performance log, which can be used by players, parents and coaches to track progress. This is done through a KickTrix™ app, which records data via a unique reference number.


KickTrix™ is suitable for players of all ages though it has been designed specifically for the young aspirational football players. The system is portable and each unit has a carry handle and can be filled with either sand or water for stability.

KickTrix™ has already won an A’ Design Award and has been nominated for a Consumer Product Design of the Year award. KickTrix™ comes in four standard colours and bespoke designs and limited editions are available – it can also be customised with personal initials and numbers at the point of sale. KickTrix™ sells for 250 GBP and can be purchased via the KickTrix™ website. All football clubs are invited to be part of the affiliate KickTrix scheme, which helps raise funds for their club for every unit sold.

To celebrate the launch, KickTrix™ is running a competition, which will award two lucky winners a free KickTrix™ unit. Applicants can enter via the KickTrix™ website –

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