Sausage and Chips: New Series Sends Kids on Adventures

sausage and chips

Sausage and Chips in Space’ and ‘Underwater’ are the first two children’s books of a planned ten-volume series written by Rick Joyce and illustrated by Cassie Gregory. Sausage the excitable Dachshund and Chips, an intelligent Siamese Cat, become guides for uplifting adventures into the jungle, at the zoo, at a party and more. This first adventure rockets children and their two new friends off to a strange planet; a story which compelled one parent to write:

“My daughter fell in love with the book, firstly through the beautiful artwork, but then through the story which was both funny and engaging.”

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a new children’s book series that doesn’t centre on battles of good and evil, zombies or toilet humour. Just at the time when the market is screaming out for traditional stories that hark back to a bygone era of innocent children’s fiction, Rick Joyce lands on the scene with a thud.

His new series, ‘Sausage and Chips’, is set to shake things up. The leading characters are lovable, if mischievous animals, their adventures are steeped in wonderment and enchanting discovery – and there’s still nine of them yet to be released!

Volume one, ‘Sausage and Chips in Space’ is a boundless departure from the confines of earth and onto a planet that will have children begging to go to bed.

Synopsis: Our loveable characters jet into space and find themselves on a rather odd planet, that really smells, and has an even odder inhabitant!

Volume two, ‘Sausage and Chips Underwater’ is a deep-sea adventure which will have children dreaming of colourful creatures, lost treasures and the mysteries of the sea.

Synopsis: Our inseparable friends drive deep into the sea to find a strange and colourful world, and end up in a spot of bother with a large shark!

sausage and chips

Chips is an intelligent Siamese Cat who is always ready to learn new things while on big adventures with her best friend Sausage. Her curiosity can often get the better of her, but when she is in a sticky situation her cunning and quick thinking always gets them both out of trouble.

Sausage is an excitable Dachshund Dog and there is nothing he loves more than going on big adventures. Sausage often likes to prove how brave he is and often finds himself getting into all sorts of trouble, but with his best friend Chips at his side there is no challenge too great for the both of them.

“These are not just hastily cobbled together children’s books, but true works of art that took thousands of hours to create,” explains author Rick Joyce. “The stories are very diligently-crafted and presented on double A4-sized format among Cassie Gregory’s stunning and bold illustrations. It’s a hugely-immersive reading experience that brings back the innocence and sense of adventure of yesteryear. There’s underlying educational themes in each story, making them so much more than a simple book. Initial feedback has been extremely positive and I couldn’t be prouder of what Cassie and I have created.”


Sausage and Chips in Space’ and ‘Underwater’ is available now:

For more information and resources, visit the series’ official Facebook page:

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