Snowpo: A Polar Bear is Spotted in London!

Callum Maclay’s ‘Snowpo: A Polar Bear in London’ invites children to explore the big city with a lovable, tenacious polar bear and his rambunctious big brother. Originally written by Callum Maclay then composed in rhyming prose by noted children’s author Ian Douglas, this whimsical volume will have all young readers wanting to embark on adventures of their own.


Hello I am Snowpo. I am a polar bear. Nice to meet you! I have many names like Snowpo, Popo, Babing bear, Bai Xiong, but you can just call me Snow or Po if you like. I hope we can be friends. I am king of the bears and originally I came from Norway, but now I live in London! I stay with my family. My dad has stinky feet. My mummy is perfect. I wrote this book to tell you about my adventures with my big brother Tycoon Seal. He’s got a lot of names too. In China they call him Xiao Wei. I think it means little tail. He’s my manager you know. Always sliding around and borrowing my pocket money off me. His fur is all falling off and he looks like a bit tatty and shabby, but I love my big brother – at least most of the time! Well, anyways I’m not going to write too much ‘cos it makes my tiny bear brain so tired to write all these words, but please write to me too if you get time. I am always happy to talk to my fans. That’s all for now. Bye!

Says the author:

“This has been an extraordinary journey, I wrote my first draft and bestselling author, Ian Douglas, kindly agreed to take a look. He suggested that the prose should rhyme, which took the project in a fresh and entirely new direction as he crafted wonderful rhyming prose which really entertains.”

A major draw are also the illustrations created in incredible detail by Anne-Sophie Diap. These pictures are unique in their own right, wonderful to look at and filled with views of London including the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and Hyde Park.

“It’s a great, silly and innocent adventure that will allow children to revel in their boundless imagination. At the same time, I’d of course be delighted if it sparked a thirst for travel and adventure in them. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I think Snowpo will be back for another adventure very soon!”

With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘Snowpo: A Polar Bear in London’ is available now:

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