The Silence of the Media Lambs!

Why are the media in Britain ignoring the biggest public health scandal of the Century? Is it governmental suppression?.There is a pandemic of autism among children in the western world and it is spreading worldwide. Thousands upon thousands of children are being diagnosed as autistic every day in the U.S.A., the U.K., and increasingly in Australasia. A few decades ago the incidence of autism affected only one child in a thousand but now it is more than one child in a hundred.

Autism has massive long-term medical, social, educational, and financial effects on families and every day is an exhausting struggle for the families of autistic children as they try to cope with the emotional and behavioural disorders of these autistic children. Many are devastated and collapse completely while others struggle on with increasing ill-health on the part of parents and damaging effects on any other children in the family, as their needs have to come secondary to the needs and demands of the autistic child.

And there is little or no help from statutory authorities for the autistic child or the family. They are largely left to cope alone or with minimal input from governmental departments and health services. Many parents tell of applying for help from statutory agencies but which require an assessment of the child’s needs and the family’s support requirements, only to be met by words such as, “Well, I can do an assessment, but we have no resources to help you!” from the social work, educational and health professionals conducting the assessment.

For some children and their families the horrors have been increased multi-fold by child protection workers accusing parents of causing the child harm (largely because many child protection workers do not have knowledge or understanding of autism and its tapestry of symptoms and behaviours) and by doctors accusing parents of ‘causing’ the autism, using a discredited junk theory titled Fabricated and Induced Illness in Children, previously known as Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy.

But the first and most important question to be asked is, “Why has this pandemic occurred over the last four decades?” and the answer is simple yet infinitely complex. It has been caused by vaccinations of various kinds, but principally the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine [MMR].

This has been known to the pharmaceutical industry, the Western governments, and to the health and medical professions for decades but they have mounted one of the most slick and collusive denials and distractive tactics ever known. Winston Churchill the British Prime Minister mounted one of the biggest deception campaigns ever known when he sought to deceive the German military regarding the intended place of the D-Day landings in France but even he would have paid homage to the campaign of deception and misinformation mounted by governments and health services to cover up this immense human tragedy of autism. The most recent tactic has been to engage medical professionals and journalists with questionable credentials and reputations to pursue a process of misinformation for media consumption and to produce ‘junk’ science reports that vaccines are safe and have no links to autism.

Initially the British and U.S. governments sought to deny the existence of autism as a neurological disorder and pretended it was merely a form of ‘mental handicap’ or ‘retardation’. Of course this did not work for long, so the next step was to accept its existence but claim that it was being wrongly or overly diagnosed. In consequence, many autistic children went undiagnosed and they and their families were deprived of any help or support which might have been available.

This approach also began to fail as families increasingly pointed to the fact that their child’s autism had been caused by vaccines. The testamentary evidence of parents regarding the changes in their child’s demeanour and behaviour after receiving a vaccine is immense and worldwide. Typical evidence from a parent would usually read as follows:

“Within days or hours of receiving the vaccine, the child developed a fever of 102.3 degrees and was lethargic, irritable, and cried for long periods of time. She exhibited intermittent, high-pitched screaming and a decreased response to stimuli. This behaviour continued over the next ten days, and the child also began to arch her back when she cried. The paediatrician told the mother that the child was having a normal reaction to her immunisations. A few days later the child was taken to hospital with a 101-102 degree temperature, a diminished appetite, and small red dots on her chest. The nurse practitioner recorded that the child was extremely irritable and inconsolable. She was diagnosed with a post-varicella vaccination rash. Thereafter the child lapsed into her own world, oblivious to any stimulation around her and unaware of anyone else.”

The tactics of the government and medical professionals are now to persecute any professional who dares to challenge the propaganda of the health departments and three doctors who raised questions regarding the administration of vaccines and possible links to autism are currently facing professional misconduct charges at the General Medical Council in London. Another professional, Consultant Psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown, an internationally-known expert in autistic disorders, has also faced similar charges from her professional association after being outspoken about the links between vaccines and autism.

The evidence that vaccines cause autism is now clear and convincing and irrefutable. And possibly that there are links to other illnesses such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease and probably a range of other illnesses which are on the increase, It has been admitted in Court Proceedings in America by government medical experts and the cat is finally out of the bag.

The final question is, why has the cover-up gone on so long?. Simple, there are vast amounts of money involved for the pharmaceutical industry. Governments have been led to believe (erroneously) that there is a need for ‘herd’ immunity against these diseases. Yet the latest evidence shows that it is the children who have been vaccinated who are most often contracting these diseases and children who have normally developed immune systems and a nutritious diet can effectively resist these diseases without the aid of vaccines.

The medical profession have also had a bonanza in the monies they have received for administering vaccines and for research projects and consultancies. Some medical professionals are shareholders in drug companies or receive gifts of extended holidays at conference venues.

So why are the media so silent?

3 thoughts on “The Silence of the Media Lambs!”

  1. The sick part is, the government knew *exactly* what the dangers of their thimerosal-laden vaccines were. Here’s a link to a page that talks about what the CDC did to whitewash the autism-vaccine connection in the U.S. (About halfway down, under “The Thimerosal Theory”.)

  2. It is each parent’s right and responsibility under International Conventions and European Human Rights law to make an INFORMED decision for their child to receive any form of medical treatment which of course includes vaccines.
    Such rights and responsibilities are being violated by medical personnel and government departments when they withhold information from parents regarding the risks of vaccines. And even worse, parents are being blackmailed and threatened into consenting to such immunisations by State authorities when their children are not being allowed admission to child care facilities and schools.

  3. Both my son and daughter are on the autistic spectrum. I have been accused of FII/MSBP against my daughter. Been living nightmare, but by fighting them I have made them realise that not all black, female and disabled women can be bullied by the system. The system stinks and so do the social workers and doctors who get their paychecks by ruining people’s lives!!


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