A Safe Place for Rufus By Jill Seeney

This book helps explain to children who perhaps have been removed from their birth home for their own safety that other adults and places can feel safe eventually.

Rufus the cat had lived in a difficult home when he was a kitten. Sometimes there was no food and people could be cruel to him. When he moved to his new home he was quite aggressive to begin with until he felt more secure and confident. He had flashbacks, which reminded him of his other home. He couldn’t find a place where he felt safe. He tried many places until he found a soft blue cushion and that became his safe place. Eventually he learned to trust people and to diversify his diet.

The book has an explanatory booklet attached to the back page which explains to adults how confusing life must be for children who have only experienced a difficult life and are suddenly thrust into a more open accepting environment.

This is a good resource especially for long term foster carers or parents who adopt an older child.

Seeney, Jill (2012) A Safe Place for Rufus
BAAF Fostering and Adoption
ISBN: 9781907585456

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