Adopting a Brother or Sister By Hedi Argent

This is a guide for young children where the family wish to adopt another child. The introduction says it all, “ If you are reading this book or having it read to you, your family is probably planning to adopt a new brother or sister and you want to find out more about adoption and what it will mean for you.”

There are child-drawn illustrations throughout the text. There are key words written in different coloured ink from the main text.

The booklet sets out to explain in everyday language how adoption works, as well as the different types of families it works in. There is a story about a girl, Ellie, whose family want to adopt a boy called Franco. Ellie has friends who have adopted children into the family and it helps make the experience more real and natural.

The questions posed are typical of small children. Will I have to share all my toys and get them broken? Will mum and dad love me as much if they adopt more children? What if my new brother or sister doesn’t like me or I don’t like them?

It is a lovely un-intrusive booklet to share with young children before and during the adoption process.

Argent, Hedi (2010) Adopting a Brother or Sister
BAAF Fostering and Adoption
ISBN: 9781907585005

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