‘Animals Up Close’ by Igor Siwanowicz

This book is about seeing reasonably small animals up close, and it tells you lots of unusual and interesting facts about them. The photos in this book are extremely well taken, showing all of the creatures magnified, so the reader is able to see them clearly. The book is an incredibly colourful and detailed non-fiction reference book, ideal for keeping in a library or book shelf for many years of pleasure.

Upon reading this book I discovered many creatures and animals I had never heard of; its pictures were colourful and bright. I also discovered plenty of amazing facts that I never knew before. For instance did you know that the “Flying Fox” is more commonly known as the “Fruit Bat”, because it mainly just eats fruit?

I feel the book is probably great for readers 10 years and older. However, it is just a little bit too wide to take home in a school bag, so it would be ideal for classroom or library work mainly.

Those who enjoy nature should find it exciting to discover a hidden microscopic world, bursting with colour on the pages in front of their eyes. In the future I feel this is a book I will probably pick up when I have time to spare and enjoy ½ hour’s escape into another world. At £14.99 it’s is a book I would hope to get for a present, as it would be too expensive for me to buy myself; however I do think it’s worth the money.

Siwanowicz, I (2009)   Animals Up Close

Dorling Kindersley Limited, Great Britain

ISBN: 978-1-40533-731-1

Price: £14.99

Liam John Ryan, aged 10, attends Silcoates Junior School, Wakefield.


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