‘Evolution and Revolution’ by Robert Winston

This book is one of Dorling Kindersley’s easy-to-read reference books. There are ninety-three attractive and well set-out pages in this book, which immediately draw in the reader with their lively, vibrant format.  The book is A4 glossy format and deals with some heavyweight material, but in a way that I found accessible as an eager 9-year-old, with a thirst for knowledge. There are many pictures in this book and they link in really well with the text to help young readers get a grasp of the subject matter.

The book deals with Darwin’s theory of evolution, fossilisation, the human body and the creation of the world!  This might all sound a bit daunting but I liked the way that the author presented his subject for a younger audience, making the mysteries and wonders of evolution understandable to my generation.  I also enjoyed the book because it is one that can be dipped into, read for a few minutes at bedtime, or devoured in longer portions.

The author is world-renowned professor and TV presenter Robert Winston and he shows a huge talent for engaging the reader. This book would appeal equally well to boys and girls and I would say that it is suitable particularly for ages 7-11, but would interest older readers too. The book is enjoyable, readable, informative and entertaining. I would recommend this book to friends or family and I would buy this book myself because, in my view, it is excellent value for money.

Winston, R (2009) Evolution and Revolution

Dorling Kindersley, London

ISBN 978-1-40533-719-9


Eleanor Irvine attends Silcoates Junior School, Wakefield.

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