Entering an Enchanted World through Reading

When I was childminding, the book that stands out for me being the most requested is The Hungry Caterpillar – and I am sure my children would agree.  I remember having two copies of that particular book and both are well worn….. As far as I know, my children still have one of them.

For me personally, though, without a doubt I was brought up with Enid Blyton.  I simply found her Famous Five books totally magical but the very best of all have to be The Enchanted Wood and The Magic Faraway Tree.  Her style of writing made you feel totally immersed in the story and the characters: Moon Face, old Saucepan Man and the visit to Topsy Turvy Land, to name a few!

Looking back, they are not entirely PC by today’s standards but at that time and as a child, I was being encouraged by my parents to read, and to be able to read and inspire my imagination was fantastic.  I still love to read; I loved reading to the minded children and my own children ….. In fact, if I am totally honest, I do believe there are fairies at the bottom of every garden.

Interestingly, Enid Blyton died on my 7th birthday.

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Blyton, Enid (1939?) The Magic Faraway Tree
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Lynn Daley is a former Chair of the National ChildMinding Association.

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