‘Grizzly Dad’ by Joanna Harrison

This book is designed for children who are ready to listen or who have just begun to read books for themselves. Any age from 3 ½  years upwards.

Dad gets up feeling ill and grumpy. He goes back to bed and then Mum asks the boy to go up and see how he is. When he tries to wake Dad, he realises that he has turned into a grizzly bear.  For the rest of the day the grizzly bear and the boy play and climb and visit the cinema in the middle of the day and make an absolute mess in the house. Mum comes back and suddenly, the bear turns back into Dad. There is a lot of mess to clear up. Mum calls them both pigs, not bears.

I liked this book. There is wonderful repetition for children. It is a simple story and the illustrations match the words. There are new words such as ‘grumped’  – such fun. Small children will love to hear or read this over and over again.

I will be buying it for my small children.

Harrison, Joanna (2008) Grizzly Dad

David Fickling Books

ISBN : 038561019x

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