‘Happy Kids Happy You’ by Sue Beever

This book introduces a programme of action and reaction for parents using the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) strategies.

It purports to offer a toolkit for parents to use to aid smooth running family life.

It is packed full of common sense advice for parents who have small children at home. It offers alternatives by way of statements or behaviours to help turn around a potentially confrontational situation and make it more palatable for all.

The chapters deal with specific examples of every day incidents that can create a negative atmosphere for parent and child in seconds. It works to enable parents to re-think their statements or instructions to their children. It acknowledges that sometimes parents can be forgiven to think, for example, that their children are deliberately setting themselves against them. Often in the throes of a ‘domestic’ it is easy to forget that these are small children being small children.

The offering of alternatives makes good sense, whether it is a different statement, expectation of parent or child or a toy. Children need to test boundaries. That is how they gain security from the adults caring for them. An indulged child is unhappy and cannot understand ‘No’. We all crave a perfect child, but who amongst us is already faultless?

I think this is a book that I would recommend to be placed on the bookshelf for those trying times when parenting appears to be an unrewarding and sad job. The book offers lots of real life examples of how parents learned to cope and manage themselves and their children.

Beever, Sue (2009) Happy Kids Happy You

Crown House Publishing Ltd

ISBN 978 184580129 8

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