In This Issue: February 2010

The main theme this month is training, though the issue also has a strong international flavour, and articles about social pedagogy.

Mervi Nyman explains the excellent training system in Finland. Jennifer Lehmann raises training issues in Australia, including the impact of IT. Angie Bartoli weighs up the impact of the Task Force’s recommendations on social work training.

Professor Ewan Anderson describes his approach to action training. Katy Hayden writes about her training as a nanny.

On residential care, Dr Chaim Peri from Israel writes about the “Village Way”. A. J. Stone‘s novel about the life-story of a boy in care continues. Keith White’s In Residence column talks of his experience in changing roles.

Stuart Hannah looks at social pedagogy and therapeutic education to see if they are compatible. Sylvia Holthoff & Gabriel Eichsteller report encouragingly on the experiences of practitioners in the social pedagogy pilots.

There’s a strong critique of the Fostering Draft Minimum Standards by Marion Thorpe, and a powerful piece by Charles Pragnell about the dangers of male dominance.

Emma Patterson has written about the importance of story-telling in nurseries. Valerie Jackson has covered a range of issues around education. Chris Durkin has emphasised the importance of the economy, in Haiti and the UK. An interesting historical item about Admiral Boscawen. There’s advice about swine flu and children from the Department of Health. And we have some more contributions to Young Vision 2020. As usual, there is also News Views, and the Editorial, this time considering Doncaster’s plight.


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