Rockford’s Rock Opera

Rockford’s Rock Opera

Review by David Lane, with help from a Panel

Here’s an unusual review, both because it’s a strange story and because of the crafty marketing.

First, the story. Rockford is a dog, probably some variety of mongrel, owned by a boy called Moog. His uncle takes them to the park, and contrary to mother’s instruction, Rockford is let off the lead. He goes to his usual tree, where a Cockleburgh Ick attaches itself to his bottom. (I told you it was strange.) In the process of trying to get sight of the Ick, Rockford gets onto a boat which drifts off into the Lake and they arrive at Infinity Island where the last of every extinct species goes. (Stranger still.) Unfortunately, being a living animal, Rockford has got there by mistake, by being attached to the Ick. Evens worse, he checks in with the Registrar, so that all the dogs back on earth suddenly become extinct. (How strange can it get?)

Right at the end of the free CD, the boy Moog is also spirited to Infinity Island with an extinct anonymous moth. What will happen next? That is where the marketing comes in. Having enjoyed the first CD for nothing, you can buy the second and third on the internet.

The story may sound a trifle far-fetched, but our listening panel thought it was brilliant. It is described as a rock opera. I’m not too sure that it was very rockish, but the songs were pleasant, easy-listenin’, and fine to sing along to. The story-telling is graphic and atmospheric, and you can never tell what the next oddity or bit of imaginative thinking is going to be.

They say it is for people from 0 to 106, so that means most of us, and our Panel did agree that it was suited to both adults and children. We’ve not yet grasped whether there is meant to be any deep meaning to the story, though it certainly makes the point that there are millions of species which have gone extinct in the course of evolution.

But if you fancy an enjoyable bit of story-telling interspersed with catchy songs, go to the website, for the free show and the chance to buy.

1 thought on “Rockford’s Rock Opera”

  1. Hi David and the Panel!

    Great review – thank you!

    But… you can download and stream all of Part 2 of Rockford’s Rock Opera and most of Part 3 too! ALL FREE! The CDs are there for fans who want all the extras, lyric books, pictures, animated videos etc… (and of course they’re perfect gifts for Christmas!)

    But ultimately we just want people to discover the amazing story… (we’re not that focused on marketing!). If they don’t buy anything but love the story, that’s fine with us!

    Thanks again and all the best.



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