The Rainbow Weaver by Lyndsay Russell and Tippi Hanson

Panel Review

This is a largish book of about 40 pages, full of colour and pictures, and with one or two unusual features.

It tells the story of a hobgoblin who steals a rainbow to make into a cloak for himself, so that he can be the most wonderful sight in the land. The heroine of the book, Tillie, tries to stop him, with the help of some sprites. In the end, the hobgoblin gets his wish, but not quite the way that he wants it. The Panel’s opinion was that it was a lovely story about the eternal struggle between good and evil, and that children up to the age of seven would probably enjoy it.

On the plus side, it uses different type faces for the different characters, so that in a bedtime story session, different people can play different characters. We are all for the reading of bedtime stories.

Also on the plus side, the book was the result of collaboration between mother and daughter, which is a nice touch, having had its origin in a game of making up fairy stories when Tippi could not get to sleep.

On the down side, the Panel thinks that it is probably a one-read book, rather than one which children will want to come back to, and while that in itself is no criticism, the price of £10.99 may prove to be rather steep, though it could make an attractive present.

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