The Student Life Handbook

Review by Christine Fanthome

This is one of the Palgrave Study Guides, which include books on study skills, critical thinking, writing, and using English as a second language. They are all aimed at helping students in a practical way.

This particular book gives nearly two hundred pages of sensible advice to help students cope with their daily lives, not only in studying but also in their social lives, managing their budgets and so on.  It is full of wise saws and modern instances.

The chapter headings include leaving home, socialising, finance, accommodation, health, safety and security. These are all things that matter to students, and reading this book before going up to college or university may well help students avoid pitfalls.

The book is riddled with quotations from students, – 160 according to the blurb – which helps to demonstrate its relevance, and it ends with a whole chapter of examples, following one on students with specific needs such as mature students, those involved in distance learning or with a disability. There is also a list of useful websites.

We can’t pretend to have read every word of this book, so we cannot guarantee that  there are no serious omissions or bits of duff advice, but from what we have read we can recommend it . Taking note of its advice will help prospective students not only avoid problems but also get the best out of their years in academia.

Fanthome, C (2005) The Student Life Handbook Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke
ISBN – 13: 978 1-4039-4897-7
ISBN – 10: 1-4039-4897-6

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