International Centre News August 1st 2017

Welcome to our August edition of the TCJ. In June I was invited to speak at the FICE Czech Republic conference on ‘Substitute care of vulnerable children in selected European countries’, where I spoke about ‘the UK care system for traumatised children’. As mentioned in our June newsletter, FICE are still interested to hear from … Read more

Revealing the Inner World of Traumatized Children

Published in November 2017 Bringing together the latest research and theory about a child’s inner world and the impact of the world around them, this is a guide to understanding and responding to the emotional needs of traumatized children. Read the full synopsis here

Social Pedagogy: An Invitation / Pocket Book

A great resource on social pedagogy. Reviewers say it’s ‘an excellent introduction to social pedagogy thinking and practice’… ‘A must-have for anyone looking to develop their knowledge and practice around social pedagogy’. Social pedagogy is a body of theory as well as a practical, creative and value-based approach. It is a way of thinking and … Read more

Book Review: By David Lane

Child Sexual Exploitation After Rotherham By Adele Gladman and Angie Heal Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2017) ISBN   978-1-78592-027-1 (If you are looking for the latest review by David Lane on Peter Higginbotham’s ‘Children’s Homes: A history of institutional care for Britain’s young’, please follow this link. As David Greenwood says on the cover blurb, this book … Read more

Like a Child. By Dr Keith White

It so happens that I have been having a pretty concentrated spell of time working on PhDs: from initial discussions about possible questions through to comments on final drafts.  Because it is possible to have enough of a good thing, it came as a joy (as well as something of a relief) to to find … Read more

International Centre News June 1st 2017

Welcome to our June edition of the TCJ. With the growth of our international membership, we are benefitting from a global range of content. Working with children and young people who have experienced trauma is always difficult and complex, and we know that if this work is understood and supported by wider facilitating systems and … Read more

Beyond Victim and Survivor. By Dr Keith White.

Even by the standards we have reluctantly come to accept over the decades at Mill Grove, Nana Peg, was dealt a particularly poor hand in her early childhood.  She was the youngest of three sisters (the older pair being identical twins), and when their parents separated they were placed in an abusive foster home.  For … Read more

Pre-Primary School Programme in Rwanda

Chaste Uwihoreye, is the national co-ordinator for Rwandan-based NGO named Uyisenga Ni Imanzi. Uyisenga Ni Imanzi provides for children who lost their families as a result of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and due to HIV/AIDS. The organisation also enables young adults to become heads of community households, caring for children. He has been asked by … Read more