Music therapy for working with anxiety. By Jenny Holt

Music Therapy: A Powerful, Risk-Free Way of Tackling Anxiety in Children. Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” This not only rings true for avid music fans, but, studies show, also when it comes to tackling anxiety in children. As many as 1 in 6 young people are affected by an anxiety … Read more

Developing residential care in Chile. By Cate Robinson

In Chile there are approximately 9600 children and young people in residential care.  Deinstitutionalisation has been an ongoing process since the 1990’s and has been successful in reducing the size of institutions and the numbers of children in care.  Children are no longer accommodated due to poverty alone, and significant work has been achieved in … Read more

ECLCM Caring Teams. By Ed Nixon.

Introduction. As part of the ongoing discussion with the DfE on the development of Staying Close the ECLCM campaign felt that it might be helpful to try to create something that was relatively short but which captured the essence of our particular vision of what Staying Close should ‘look’ like. Additionally we thought that by … Read more

International Centre News April 2017. By John Diamond

Dear Colleagues, This newsletter reflects the further growth and influence of the International Centre as a global network sharing therapeutic practice, training and research for all those working with traumatised children and young people. In this edition we publish papers about the needs of UK care leavers, with articles from the Care Leavers Foundation (CLF) … Read more

A Wheelbarrow. By Dr Keith White.

Years ago, when I lived in Scotland I remember a senior residential worker passing on to me the insight that people like gardeners and cooks were often best placed to be alongside children and young people in situations and at times when genuine exchanges might take place.  I have borne this in mind ever since, … Read more

Training Relational Pedagogy Hermann Radler

Abstract: This article explores the concept of attachment theory as a foundational competency for caregivers. Readers are introduced to the importance of relational pedagogy as a focus in training and the trainer’s responsibility to nurture connections and curiosity in order for meaningful learning to occur. Keywords: relational pedagogy, attachment, trainer competency, child and youth care … Read more

Unblocking a Log-Jam

I am not sure whether the term “log-jam” has been used in, or applied to, counselling and psychotherapy alongside familiar concepts such as resistance, defence mechanisms, blocks and blockage, repression and denial.  But it came to mind some time ago when we were trying to describe the nature and dynamics of a situation in which … Read more