Can music help children learn ? By Jenny Holt

Helping Children Through Music Therapy One of the most heart-breaking things we, as adults, witness is the suffering of children. We see a television advertisement showing an abused or sickly child and send them whatever money we can spare; we donate old clothes, toys and books to shelters and hospitals; we even volunteer our time … Read more

Communication from a care leaver: failing better.

Failing Better Within the Context of a Child and Adolescent Social Care Environment (You Failed Me, But Do You Really Care) First a note, this paper is inspired by a paper written by Richard Rollinson, Executive Director of the Planned Environment Therapy Trust, I concluded that the follow-on from his paper would need to be … Read more

Communication from a care leaver.

[The following is a brief but powerful personal communication from a Care Leaver, SK, who was responding to my request to meet and discuss the subject of Belonging as it related to Care leavers and their experiences and perspectives. This and other of his reflections greatly assisted me in writing a paper entitled, Towards Belonging … Read more

Care Leavers and Health

It is well known that care leavers experience disproportionately more disadvantage than the general population. And we know in what areas this is likely to manifest itself: education, housing, finance, criminal justice, self-esteem, health etc More often than not there is some acknowledgement of the effects of this disadvantage but very little being done to … Read more

New Belongings for Care Leavers. By Janet Rich

The title for the three year New Belongings project, which was funded by the Department for Education (DfE) between 2013 and 2016, came from the shocking use by care leavers in more than one setting of the term ’segregated’ to describe their experience of leaving care. Not just isolated, marginalised, neglected or unsupported. Segregated. Deliberately … Read more

The monster within. A talk by Dr Chris Nicholson

Dear Friends, Chris Nicholson is giving a presentation at Kypseli TC in Athens on Saturday 8th April @ 12.00 – 1.30pm ‘The monster within:  the psychological function of monsters in fairy tales and children’s fiction‘ Abstract: The monster is powerful motif in fairy tales and children’s fiction and, some would say, the stuff of nightmare, … Read more

Social Pedagogy Development Network (SPDN)

A Free Event at  West Kent College, Tonbridge 6th & 7th April, 2017 Within the last few years, the relationship based approach of social pedagogy has been capturing the imagination and changing the practice of many professionals in social care, education, health and the creative arts. With a longstanding tradition in many European countries and … Read more

Centre for Social Work Practice. By Robyn Kemp

The Centre for Social Work Practice (CfSWP) is delighted to be part of the International Centre and to support its mission and aims through collaboration and dialogue. CfSWP is a charity committed to ensuring that reflective practice, with its focus on relationships, takes its rightful place not only in social work practice, but also in … Read more

Being Held. By Dr Keith White

  It is axiomatic in the theory of child development that children need the security of the experience of being held safely in healthy arms and a healthy mind. For the very young child this is an absolute and essentially physical experience, although its presence or absence has a profound effect on her life.  As … Read more

Learning Together, By Dr Keith White

  There is a poem which describes my philosophy of education beautifully.  It is called, “Child Though I Take Your Hand”, and is by Jane Clements. Child, though I take your hand and walk in the snow; though we follow the track of the mouse together, though we try to unlock together the mystery of … Read more