International Centre News June 2018

A warm welcome to our newest members;

Diana Lynch Bodger; Play Therapist, UK
Helen Gedge; British Association of Play Therapists.
James Anglin; Professor at the School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, Canada.
Patrick Reason; Associação Beneficente Encontro com Deus, Brazil.
Antony Clements, Childhoodfirst, UK
Chris Bennett, Caldecott Foundation, UK

The next International Centre Research Group meeting will be held on Wednesday June 13th. See booking form here.

The International Centre/FICE ‘Therapeutic Care and Research for Children and Young People’ conference will be held at Woodbrooke Conference Centre, Birmingham on 12-14th September. An exciting opportunity to learn, reflect and share best practice and research. See booking form here.

We hope members will make use of these events to continue with our mission to share and disseminate therapeutic practice, training and research.

David Lane opens this month’s TCJ with an article reflecting back on 70 years of FICE the International Federation of Educative Communities. In April FICE held its 70th anniversary congress at the Pestalozzi Childrens Village, Trogen, Switzerland where it was founded in 1948 to meet the needs of children displaced during WW2. Our September conference aims to bring the International Centre and FICE closer together.

The following articles reflect on the therapeutic importance of play, and play therapy for children and families:

Helen Gedge’s article ‘Ludoterapia – a Brazilian experience’ is published with kind permission of the BAFT ‘play therapy’ journal.  Helen’s article is a reflection on her work last year using play and play therapy with mothers and their children at the Brazilian Econtro Com Deus in Curitiba, Brazil. Helen is currently working on a PhD in play therapy at Salford University.

Using play at the Mulberry Bush School’ is a foundation degree assignment by Rita Baptista from Portugal, who is a Therapeutic Care Practitioner at the School. Her article offers insights into her use of spontaneous, imaginative and ‘opportunity led’ play with traumatised children.

Social networking and the education of children’ is an important and sobering article by Keith White, which explores concerns about the effect of screen based technologies on children (maybe the antithesis of spontaneous play ?) who are growing up in an increasingly networked world.  Finally ‘I Don’t Know What To Say’ addresses loss and communication.

The International Centre continues to work to share practice, training and research into the lives of children and young people who are made vulnerable by trauma.

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