Dec 2008- In This Issue

The theme this month is children’s rights. In a month when the lives of millions of children in the Congo have been at risk because of war and when the tragic death of Baby P has been in the media headlines in the UK, the protection of children’s rights could not be more important.

Prospera Tedam on the need for the UK to meet UN expectations … Keith White on the need for more than rights-based demands … Rachel Harrington on not being hit … Maureen O’Hagan on rights and responsibilities … Valerie Jackson on children’s right to choose … Jane Lane on race equality teaching … Monika Niederle on Q4C – a rights-based quality assurance scheme … and the Editorial.

In addition, two more Key Texts by Robert Shaw … another part to Kathleen Lane’s post office story … a report on FICE in Bulgaria … an invitation to celebrate 60 years of SCA from Nick Johnson … some comments on the Baby P case … and, of course, News Views..

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