Editorial: Happy 2011

First things first: we wish all our readers a happy New Year, and we hope that 2011 will be a successful year for you.

As we enter our twelfth year of publication, we would like to repeat some of our basic thinking which make us want to publish the Webmag.

We see the care and education of children as professional work which requires commitment, sensitivity to individual needs, inventiveness and imagination. One of our aims to encourage readers to think about what they are doing with and for children and young people, by reading what others are doing, by questioning current practice and by sharing new ideas.

In this issue, for example, Charlotte Levene talks about the impressions she has formed about social pedagogy in visiting Germany, Vibeke Lasson describes her horror at the way young people use the internet to bully, Valerie Jackson raises questions about training and Clair Davies asks how readers found Christmas in child care.

How do you react to these articles? Do you have an experience to share? Whether it is an email or another article, do join in and add to the dialogue.

In the coming months we hope to run themed issues on safeguarding and risk, communicating, children and the ‘Big Society’, activities for children, education, and care and its alternatives. Articles are welcome, though, on any aspect of child and youth care, child development, services for children and young people, or general social issues affecting them and their families.

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