In This Issue: November 2009

The theme of this issue is Books for Children and Families. Which books do children like? Which did adults like as children? Which changed their lives? In addition to an Editorial and articles on children’s reading, a total of thirteen contributors have reviewed or mentioned over 30 books for children and families below. If your favourite is not mentioned, why not email us for inclusion in the next issue of the Webmag? And if you are planning to buy books (for Christmas?), please contact Amazon via the Webmag; it will help to keep us afloat.

We also have a further chapter of A.J. Stone‘s Beyond Caring, a gripping story about a boy in residential care; we are now on to Chapter 4, but the earlier chapters can be reached at a click of a button. Simon Bethel puts a clear case for a change in court processes to help children in divorce cases. Keith White argues that it is the humdrum spontaneous little things of life that make a difference and give it meaning, even if they can’t be specified for service commissioners. Robert Shaw takes issue with a comment in our last Editorial on the subject of vetting. (We welcome debate!) There are two more of Robert Shaw‘s Key Texts, and we ask you about gaps in the series. And there’s still (just) time to book for the CCHN conference on 11 November 2009 on The Place of Ethics in Child Care.

Finally, we want the views of children and young people. If you are one, write to us and have your opinions published as part of Young Vision 2020. If you are older and you know a young person, pass on the message so that they respond. The sooner the better; we would like to publish a bumper issue of views in January 2010.

David Lane


Young Vision 2020:

What Do You Think?Children and young people, we want to know.

*           What do you hope the world will be like in ten years’ time?

*           How do you think it’s going to change?

*           What are you looking forward to?

*           What are you afraid may happen during the next ten years?

*           What do you hope will happen during the next ten years?

*           What would you like to say to people in power?

*           What would you do if you were in power yourself?

Children Webmag think that young people’s views are important. If you are a young person, email us.

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