Young Vision 2020

What Do You Think?

Children and young people, we want to know.

*           What do you hope the world will be like in ten years’ time?

*           How do you think it’s going to change?

*           What are you looking forward to?

*           What are you afraid may happen during the next ten years?

*           What do you hope will happen during the next ten years?

*           What would you like to say to people in power?

*           What would you do if you were in power yourself?

Children Webmag think that young people’s views are important, and we are wanting to start a debate and get as many young people involved as possible, sending in their views about this important subject. We intend to make a special issue about this theme to come out on New Year’s Day 2010, but we expect to publish some early responses over the next two months.

If you are a young person, email us. Whoever you are, please send this email to any young person you know; we would like to hear from them. Or to colleagues, friends and family, so that they can send it on.


*           Emails may be any length, but a maximum of 300 words is suggested.

*           Drawings and photos will be welcome.

*           Emails are welcomed from any country.

*           Emails will be welcome from anyone aged up to (and including) 17.

*           Writers will be named by first name only, together with their age, city / town / area and country, if these details are provided. Their country’s flag will be added.

*           If the email is not in English, please attach a translation in English.

*           Email as soon as possible; the deadline for emails is 30 November 2009.

*           Emails may be edited.

You are invited to email now to [email protected] .

David Lane


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