In This Issue: April 2010

We start with an article provided by Greenlight on life assurance to safeguard families, to cover costs such as school and university.

The theme this month is the environment, both the world-wide environment and the immediate environment in which children are brought up.

  • The Editorial considers some of the questions posed to child care.
  • Jim Rose argues for creating the right culture if staff are to be able to help children to cope with their problems.
  • Chris Durkin points out the importance of the community setting for children.
  • Robert Shaw challenges social work in its focus on individual children, pointing out the significance of their environment
  • Kathleen Lane compares her childhood with today in order to question which sort of environment which is best for children.
  • We have a few more Young Vision 2020 contributions, in this case concerned about bush fires.

And News Views includes Residential Education / Care Day, South Africa, the age of criminal responsibility, CCCF and wellbeing, and secure accommodation.

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