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I am working to support a charity which supports families where a loved one has died. I cannot think of anything more life-changing and shocking than for a child to witness the sudden death of a parent. No preparation; no warning; no time to say goodbye or “I love you”.

This has local significance to one family in my area of the UK. The newspaper article below records one such tragedy near where I live in Cambridgeshire.

The family, especially the children were supported by friends and family but also by an incredible charity -The Child Bereavement Charity –

This organisation offers resources and guidance as well as professional support for the different forms of loss which can be experienced by children and their families. I am sure every country has an organisation such as this, but most of only get to find out about it when something terrible happens to our or another family.

The website offers advice and guidance, advertises courses and groups and answers the ‘what if’ questions. If you look on the website, you will be able to read of examples of how tragedy can strike the happiest and healthiest people in such debilitating ways.

I hope there may be something you can donate for this charitable auction so that another group of children, young people and their parents may benefit for its services when something unspeakable happens. It is certainly a much needed and much used organisation.

Tributes have been paid to husband and father, Andrew Parker, founder of Ramsey Glass, who died suddenly on Friday (April 3).

Andrew, 48, who grew up in Huntingdon, played football for many of the teams in the district, including Huntingdon, Alconbury and Houghton.

He was playing in a five-a-side football tournament at Hinchingbrooke School on Friday evening with his three brothers, cousins, his son, Rory, and some friends when he collapsed and died.

The match was part of a family tournament organised every three months or so. It was being refereed by his father, Percy, a well known referee in the district.

Andrew loved football and fishing and taught martial arts. He had no history of any life-threatening condition and there no indication that he was not in fine health.

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The auction is for the charity

the event itself is advertised here:!/event.php?eid=104670776237779

and here:!/group.php?gid=88449111202

We are looking for anything you could donate that would be of interest to people wishing to contribute financially to this cause. If you are an author or well known personality or if you have something which you think might bring in some money, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will contact you and arrange for the goods to be sent to me free of charge to you.

Thank you

Valerie Jackson

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