In This Issue: February 2011

Another month with a wide variety of subject matter, with some of the articles touching on safeguarding children, some on transition, and some looking back to the development of child care services around the 1940s.

The Editorial calls for solidarity in the face of cuts, and urges you to support a professional association- the Social Care Association, the Institute of Childcare and Social Education- or Social Care Ireland, as appropriate.

Keith White considers the fundamental concepts which should underpin our work- Child Protection, or the Well-Being of Children?

Malay Dewanji writes about the Integrated Child Protection Scheme in India.

Jim Hyland looks back on the beginning of the Approved School System.

In A.J. Stone’s Beyond Caring Aaron is facing problems about moving on.

There is a poem by a person who was in foster care and suffered being moved on.

Matthew Payne, in the ICSE column, considers which way special education is going.

Valerie Jackson writes about child protection and safeguarding children.

Nick Johnson emphasises the importance of investing in relationships.

CCHN and SIRCC are calling for papers for a seminar to be held in Glasgow in November on the theme Learning from History.

Noel Howard has sent details of Social Care Ireland’s conference on innovation.

Robert Shaw’s Key Texts this month are the second Curtis Report and the Monckton Report. He also writes to explain the choice of the subject matter of the series.

Finally, there is a commentary on The Little Prisoner.

And if you have found nothing above to suit your taste there are another dozen topics in News Views.

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