International Centre News – 1 August 2022

Access, Trauma and the Power of Connection

We want to start this August edition by expressing our thanks to John Diamond for his work in making the TCJ what it is today, and hope that he is starting to enjoy his retirement! Best of luck for your new adventure John.

We thought it would be useful to let you know a little bit about The Mulberry Bush Third Space (MB3) in Toddington, Gloucestershire, which is where we are based. This is where the Archives and Libraries are housed. MB3 also offers residential experimental training and workshops, accommodation, a meadow and a yurt!

You can find out more about MB3 here.

The papers in this edition look at the impact that systems within our society can have on the lives of those that we work with, as well as staff. This can be seen within the education system, access to care records and the impact of trauma on an individual’s health.

Our first paper is actually the fourth in a series from Norman Cooke, Ewan Anderson and Rosemary Baillon. ‘Education In Residence’ discusses the role of both formal and informal education within the residential setting. This theoretical model was initiated by the York Group, which comprised representatives with experience in all the main sectors of residential care for children and young people under the age of eighteen. It has since been developed to fit practical applications.

We then move on to a paper submitted by our regular writer, Keith White, sharing his thoughts and experiences from Mill Grove. This paper, entitled ‘When It All Comes Together’ begins with a story of rowing at Oxford and sails its way through a shared encounter and thoughts of the Ukrainian war over an evening meal.

Our regular paper from the Planned Environment Therapy Archives and Special Collections is from Archivist Gareth Beynon who looks at how to work within boundaries and sensitivity with those wanting to access their own records. He discusses how this can have an impact on all those involved in the process of dealing with accessibility, memories and trauma, in ‘Records Access, Justice And Trauma’.

We are really pleased that we are able to share a poem that was sent to us from someone who is living in a residential care home. ‘The Meaning Of Prospect’ is a powerful piece of work and reminds us of the influence we can have on those that we work with and how the smallest thing can often be the most meaningful.

And finally….

We have a new feature; a ‘throwback’ article from previous editions of the TCJ chosen by one of the archives team.

This month they have chosen an article from 2017 from the Child Care Leavers Association, entitled ‘Care Leavers And Health’, which illustrates the alarming statistics between poor health and care leavers. This topic has recently been emphasised by BBC Wales Investigates; Michael Sheen: Lifting the Lid on the Care System. The programme sensitively documents the stories of two care leavers and acts as a powerful illustration of the effects of poor mental and physical health on those with experience of the care system.

YOU make the TCJ what it is, so if there is something that you know of and would like others to know about, please send in your papers, poems, drawings, ‘pause for thoughts’ or research into us for the next edition in October.

We hope you enjoy this edition and the rest of the summer, see you in the Autumn.

Warm wishes,

Marya Hemmings and Debs Doggett.

Do you work in residential, fostering or family services with emotionally troubled children, young people, their families & communities? Would you like to submit a paper to be published in The TCJ? Email [email protected] to find out more.

The Living Learning Experience (LLE)
13-15 September 2022
Face to face at MB3

The LLE is a two day intensive, experiential, residential experience. During this experience participants explore working closely with others and learn how to use relationships effectively in clinical practice. Join us at our stunning MB3 site in Toddington, Gloucestershire as you learn about the power of group process in a safe and enjoyable way.

Find out more and book your place here.

Trauma Informed Practice: Assessing For Recovery: How Do We Know What We Are Doing Is Uselful?
21 and 22 November

This two-day conference will present four assessment models for assessing progress towards recovery from trauma developed by practitioners working with children who have experienced complex trauma. It will enable participants to compare and contrast the approaches and look for commonalities as well as providing an opportunity to explore each in more depth and apply the principles to their own work.

This event is presented by the International Centre for Therapeutic Care (ICTC) and the Institute for Recovery of Childhood Trauma (IRCT).

Find out more and book your place here.

Other Events and Training Opportunities…
Head to the Events and Training section of The Mulberry Bush website by clicking here to discover our full calendar of upcoming events and training opportunities.

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